I have been thinking about this for a while, but i didnt think that one day i will be doing it, honestly this new beginning is more for me than you “the reader”. I have been thinking alot of doing an actual blog and not “instagram” worthy kind of posts and pictures.

If i post and talk about makeup and beauty here, which i will of course, there will be no point of my instagram account, but the thing is i cannot write alot in instagram, people now dont like to read, they just want fancy pictures, maybe a short description, but i know myself, i need a page and a keyboard, and this space is all mine. I craved this blank page and the clicking of the keyboard, i want to post about the none-sense and silly stuff that happen everyday, yes this is supposed to be an everyday blog, i hope!

I dont know if am making sense here, but again this space is for me, not you! ok i am kidding, kind of!

Here is a fun picture of my baby girl Luna, my husband keeps calling her a “princess”. You know the tiktok videos of cat sitting in humanly way and someone says something like “hmmm what a distinguished cat”, this is exactly it!

The distinguished Lady Luna

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