This drink is amazing! got it from Bulk store at Musaffah, also sold at Pallets which is very close to Bulk

I feel so refreshed today, i had a booking at Pause Salon for a hair treatment, it is an oil treatment applied to the scalp at first and then use a dermaroller, it stings a bit but very bearable, after that the oil is applied to all the hair added with a scalp massage. Let me warn you those oils are stinky, a mixture of garlic and onion, so imagine the smell 🙂 the salon offer a variety of oils and i think the Lavender is the only one that smells nice, but i want it as a treatment not just regular oil. I always get a 4 session package, they also offer a 6 session package for Organic treatments which is also very good.

I usually ask the hair technician to wrap my hair and i keep the oil for a couple of hours and wash it at home, but today i didnt feel like doing all of this, so the usual treatment is that you keep the oil for 20 minutes then wash at the salon. I felt like pampering myself a bit today, i did one ampoule of Kerastase anti hair fall treatment afterwards, i really need to buy a box because my hair is falling more than usual and its bothering me alot.

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