Thursday’s morning Croissants


I wasn’t supposed to wake up as early as i did today, but i had a very important email i had to send to school and couldn’t wait more, i had to send it ASAP.

So what can i do to make my morning better? Bake croissants! This is my new obsession to get those frozen croissants and just bake them at home, i am a sucker for croissants, i love everything croissant and my doctor warned me from eating it 😂 So I will try to make them a weekly thing, like on a Friday.

Today! Friday:

Yup Croissants again, i have to promise myself it should be a weekly thing, but my family loves it too.

I am planning on staying home today, do something productive, like cleaning the makeup/dressing room, its alot of work, alot, and its overwhelming. Plus the Apple pre-order is today at 4pm so i will be ready just in case i will buy something. Are you planning on pre-ordering something from the new releases?

I loved the camera features in the new phones, this is the only thing that will make me think of changing my current phone. I love my current phone, it still feels new and very clean, but it is iPhone 11 pro you know, i’m sure 13 is way way better. I havent thought much of the number 13 but apparently alot of people thought that Apple wouldn’t call the new iPhone 13, they might skip to 14. I dont believe that 13 is an unlucky number, it is just a number.

Friday’s croissant platter

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