Good evening!

Are you a snacker? i never thought that it is a thing but apparently there are meal eater and there are snackers, snackers basically are people who snack all day not caring about having a proper meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), or they could eat those meals but still have alot of snacks during the day. I remember in my teen years and even in my early 20s i dont like snacks, i dont like to eat anything during main meals, i even remember that even if i was starving at 1 am i would never eat anything because the thought of having something to eat is so weird! Yes i did have something to eat during summer breaks with my sister and cousin, those crazy night! I still remember the fun we had.

Anyways, back to the snacks, right now i am big on snacks and i always try to find the best for me (not health wise 😉) well i try to mix both and when i am on a diet i will definitely look for healthier options, i got this Fade Fit snacks recently, i heard alot about them while listening to Virgin Radio in the morning (yes i listen to radio stations during morning drop off), so i found them in talabat mart i think and got those two, they are ok, a bit hard at first but they taste good. The peanut butter is the first one to finish ☺️

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