Gaya gold coffee that i got from Pallets store, my opinion, i hate it

Good morning Abu Dhabi!

With my cup of coffee on my side table i am ready to start my day, i have a school meeting via zoom in less than an hour and it is my first time to attend such meeting and i am kind of nervous, i dont know if nervous is a proper word to describe how i feel, maybe anxious is the word!

School is getting busier and busier every day during drop off and pick up! I know this is normal because i have seen worse school traffic before. New and returning kids are still coming to school as i know some are still abroad or doing quarantine so dont think we are in full capacity yet!

Let’s talk about TV shows, i am currently forcing myself to finish the last released season of Lucifer, this show started so well but it is a disaster by now, i think it got a bit better in season 5, let’s finish this and move to another show. OSN just released a mini series called Scenes from a Marriage and i am excited to watch it.

Let’s go back to coffee, currently i am loving the Dolce Gusto Flat White in Oats milk, i am trying to cut regular milk, I am also using Soy milk when i make my Nespresso coffee. Last year i have discovered that i am allergic to a milk protein called Casein, that’s why i am trying to cut milk as much as possible, but this protein is also found in other dairy products 🥲

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