Hi everyone! Today feels good, i love meeting a friend for coffee during the morning school drop off, and now since people are almost 100% back to work the roads feel different, yes very crowded in the peak hours but later it is like the usual pre-covid times, malls and cafes are quiet and empty.

I went to meet a friend after drop off and she brought coffee to the car, we stayed at the car sipping our hot coffee and talking about everything. I love this time of the day, early morning, the right sun temperate, still hot don’t get me wrong and a bit humid closer to the sea area.

I feel that blogging now is kind of a fidget to me, you know those stress relief fidgets, yup my blog is my fidget, a vast space just for my thoughts, nothing serious, nothing major, just normal boring side of my day. The kind of details that i don’t like sharing with anymore, maybe just my sisters!

From now on i will start the post with photo of the day, to have a peak on how my day went, and just in case i changed the blog’s theme, pictures always look better at the start.

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