Good morning!

I was going to post earlier but i was updating my ipad ios to 15, did you update your iphones yet? I think the update is cool, not major changes, but those minor changes makes a difference, i always look forward to those ios updates.

Speaking of iPhones, the iPhone 13 looks amazing, the only thing that will make me change my iphone to the 13 is the camera features, with the cinematic feature it will take iPhone photography to another level, and the Macro! OMG i am the Queen of macro photography!

Lately i have been thinking on going natural curly hair, i’ve watched alot of videos on how to do it, its not easy and it take alot of products to use but i am not going to do all that, i will just stick to the leave-in condition and gel. that’s all, maybe i need denman brush and a difffuser! Yes can you imagine that i dont have a diffuser! I remember they always come with regular hair dryers but apparently not mine, which is ghd, but i will buy one soon.

Another thing that makes curly hair difficult is that when i tie my hair or go out wearing sheila the whole curly style is ruined, so all this hard work and many products will go to waste. Curly hair to me is very high maintenance but i will try it anyways.

I have searched online for many products and i dont know where to start but luckily i have found one brand that i was searching for online which is Cantu. Some of their products are sold at Pallets in Mussaffah. I bought the gel and the leave-in conditioning cream in argan oil.

My current hair routine is alot to be honest, but i got so used to it that i no longer think about how many steps or products i use. So i think going curly will be the same, it will only take time to get used to it and reach that level that i no longer think of what i am doing.

So basically my haircare routine (i am not going into products details) is shampoo and conditioner (deep conditioning mask every week), then i use scalp treatment for hair fall or growth depending on what problem i have, then serum and heat protection. I do salon treatment too and oiling every week.

If i go curly then i will definitely skip the hair straightening which will make my hair healthier, but i not too keen on putting gel, i dont know, those kind of gels are supposed to be free from harmful ingredients. I will try it and post and update about it.

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