Sometimes small stuff makes my day, i didnt think that regular notebooks will bring me joy and good memories. 90210 was my favorite TV show during my childhood, i cant remember exactly my age when i started watching it but it was the best ever, maybe it was the beginning of my love for movies and shows.

So the store, which is Type by the way, had an offer of buying 4 notebooks for (i cant remember exactly) i think 74 Dhs or around it, so i grabbed four, two notebooks for Riverdale, one of course the Beverly Hills 90210 and one with Care Bears.

Jughead was my favorite character in the Riverdale, i didnt watch past season two 😁 i dont remember finishing season two

I noticed something cool at the mall, which is an automatic sanitization for the escalator’s rail, I do sometimes see cleaners wiping the rail with a sanitizers but this one is next level, and it gives a message that it is clean to hold the rail.

Since MAC just launched a new collection i had to pass by the store and check it out, i dont usually do that, i always order online, i rarely check the store to buy anything especially when there is a new limited edition collection. This time i was hesitant to get it or not so i said since i am going to the mall let me check it there. The collection is nice, LOVED the packaging, very fall vibes, the eyeshadow was nice and i loved the lipsticks, but one shade wasnt available (it was available online). I did end up buying less than what i was planning to buy online.

I passed by Nespresso store to buy coffee capsules, i have to admit that i havent bought their capsules for a while now, i depended alot on Starbucks and i had a big stock that took me a year to finish it, now i am back to the store and i forgot most of the coffee flavors so i only bought 4 boxes, each box a different coffee, trying to discover (again) what i like and what i dont, i know that my taste in coffee changed alot this year.

I can’t leave the mall without grabbing something yummy, Yamanote was a great choice, we all love their bakery stuff, it is so yummy. I remember i ordered this VIP tray for Eid, it was amazing. They did mess up with the order time but it arrived eventually after calling them a million times, it was out Eid breakfast after all, it arrived at 11 am! which was supposed to arrive at 9 am as per my request.

I love the Nutella filled Kitty, its one of my favorites
The one with the kiri cheese in the middle is our favorite 😋
This is the Eid VIP tray that we had on the first day of Eid, it was sooo good, it was half savory and half sweet. Everything was delicious 😋

One last picture of something i found at Virgin Store, this is a book called You, i have watched the series on Netflix, season 1 wasnt very good, but season 2 got way better, and now i cannot wait for season 3, the show is sooooo good. And i just noticed the book next to it! I love Mitch Albom books, i cant believe i missed it.

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