Home baked butter croissant, got them frozen from Spinneys and they are heavenly

Weekends started to get precious again, especially when it comes to sleep. We had a very long summer and our sleep pattern wasn’t the best, but we did everything in a lazy manner. Not going to bed early means not waking up early, this was fantastic until a certain time where you feel your days mean nothing, you no longer wake up for breakfast out or meet a friend over morning coffee, my coffee time was past 11 am if not 12 pm!

Anyways back to my original thought, sleep. Yes, sleeping during the weekend is a blessing after school started, i wake up early to drop off my son then try to finish as much as possible during the week, everything i have to do from morning coffees with school moms, hospital appointments or salon appointments, i don’t like to stay at home during school days doing nothing when i know i have a lot of stuff to do. on Weekends i rarely have those kind of plans, and when i wake up i waken up when i want to, not when the alarms wants!

Now when i think of starting a new week, there comes my to-do list and more appointments and i will have to set the alarms and reminders.

We had a debate with the kids if this is a bunny or a hamster *_*

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