Hello again!

Another school/work day! How are you doing? Seriously, how are you doing? I know it is very hard to be back to work after almost 18 months. Regarding school my son is back full time since the last semester, so nothing new to us this year, well maybe that the school is working in full capacity now, meaning that there are no online students, unless there is a medical issue. 

Anyways, today i had my regular quarterly checkup, i despise this appointment, and i feel a major relief after i am done. I keep thinking what does make me uncomfortable in those appointments? There is nothing uncomfortable about it, maybe that i used to wait for a long time to see my doctor, that after doing a blood test and i have to wait for the results. And this is what takes a very long time, usually between an hour and an hour and a half, sometimes more if the hospital is crowded. Honestly i haven’t seen this “crowd” in a while, ever since Covid-19 started.

I have a simple trick now to avoid waiting, i do the blood test, and i wait for no more than 30 minutes and see my doctor. The results of course aren’t ready yet but since i am a regular patient and my blood test result is usually the same every time i don’t need to wait for it. He gives me my medication and i leave, if “god forbid” something alarming popped in my result the doctor will call me and tell me what’s going on, and any alteration in my mediation shall be made after, never happened though! 

But today was like i am back pre Covid! very very crowded, and i waited more than usual, that is for the blood test. I dont think i ever took this long just to wait to do the blood test, i believe it took me around 45 minutes to one hour. After that all was quick.

Quick photo of the day! 

I am so into cold coffee lately, obviously because of the summer heat, Blink coffee is one of my favorites, my sister introduced it to me, i always ask for low fat or skimmed milk. 

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