Coffee and Strawberry scrub from Nacomi

Good morning from Friday

I know i skipped two days without blogging and i had a good reason, Wednesday was a very long day for me, i had a morning appointment, then had to do some errands and pick up my kid from school. I felt soooo sleepy while driving! I didn’t experience this in a long time, i usually have enough sleep but Wednesday was different. When i went back home i had lunch and took a nap, later i had a relaxing massage, i really needed it. Afterwards it felt like i was in a dream, i was awake and sleepy at the same time, i knew i had to go early to bed. So my Wednesday was done!

Thursday was very different, i felt energetic, went with a mommy out for breakfast and shopping until school pick up time, then had shower and got ready and went to my sister’s house, i didn’t even have 5 minutes doing nothing. And that’s it, Thursday was done!

When i took a shower i tried a new coffee scrub with strawberry, from a brand called Nacomi, i never heard of it before until recently. The scrub was nice and felt my skin radiant but i had a difficult time removing the coffee stain out of my body, i had to wash and scrub my body several times afterwards just so the stains fade. I managed to get 90% out.

Chocomail chocolate at my sister’s, i took the box back home with me 🙂

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