An old photo from two winter ago, i used to enjoy an espresso cup

Good morning!

Today is very humid, what happened to the beautiful weather? I knew it was too good to be true 🙂 Its too early to have a nice weather and we all know September is the queen of humidity.

Now is the time to update my summer wardrobe, suddenly the weather will change and i will know those light sweaters, i love wearing them in our winter, they are light but warm, very suitable for Abu Dhabi winter.

A big staple in my winter wardrobe is a good shawl, i like the bigger sizes and gives enough warms for chilling nights, i depend on those shawl ALOT! I mean i wear them everywhere i go, when i am home, when i go to my parents, BBQ nights, parks, and even malls if i need to.

Before going to the mall and buying stuff i dont need i will have to go through all of my winter clothes to know what i should keep and what i should let go, the problem with light sweaters they get worn off easily, i buy mine mostly from Zara and Mango. Is it a quality problem or because i wear and wash them constantly?

Last winter, having a hot chocolate at Pause Salon

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