Good morning!

Oh how i miss going to the movies, i actually went to the cinema few times during covid but not as much as i wanted, i have to miss alot of good movies i wanted to watch. I used to be a huge fan of the Vox Theatre by Rhodes VIP cinema, it was my favorite, i loved the plush leather seats, the pillow and blanket and all the good food. They used to offer a very good Nachos, not the one served at the normal screens.

Anyways, i went back for the Theatre by Rhodes for the first time since Covid-19 hit, and oh i miss this luxurious feeling while watching a movie, sadly due to safety measure they no longer offer pillows and blankets, and they changed some of the food in their menu, the special Nachos is no longer available 🥲

The current Nachos is exactly as the one offered in the regular cinema but with an extra of Guacamole which isnt bad, i liked it alot. And next time i will remember to bring my own shawl to stay cozy during the movie, i like to keep myself warm.

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