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NYX products Swatches


As i promised before on my instagram account that i will be posting swatches of my NYX products that i purchased last time, i know it took me a bit longer because of the Eid holiday, i had the pictures ready (which usually they are the reason im always late in my posts that i didnt take any) but i delayed this time because i didnt have to write.

First of all i want to briefly say that NYX is a drugstore cosmetics brand, we actually have it in the Middle East (can be found at Centerpoint), but our counters are always empty which is why i mostly order online, i remember years ago i was dying to get specific jumbo pencils but i couldn’t find in the UAE then i ordered them online, this time i also ordered online because i found a seller that sells them in sets. All 13 matte glosses came together in one set for $53.48, the first brown/neutral lip pencil set for $10.80 and the pinks/orange lip pencil set also for $10.73. I also got 5 blushes each priced differently between $4.87-$5.86 . I ordered from Amazon website through my Aramex Shop and Ship US account.




The blushes come in a cuttle little packaging, very convenient for a small makeup bag and on the go, the texture and finish is a little powdery but most of them give a good color pay-off, my mistake is that i ordered a couple of very light shades, they still work on my skintone if layered but they will definitely work better if they were darker, you can see from the swatches the very light colors to the pigmented.






Now the fun part are the 13 NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, they look like lip glosses but they are creamy and kind of opaque, they might be more opaque if layered but some colors will still look a bit sheer.

Most colors are really beautiful, but when i first opened the packaging they didn’t feel right to me, they looked like an old dried product which i thought they were but they actually look like this, maybe because the product finishing is matte which gives it this dried look. Once applied the product feels very light and smooth on lips, it doesn’t feel heavy at all as if i barely applied any product, and in few seconds the product dries up a bit to give the matte finish.

There are a couple of light shades i didn’t like, i don’t think they compliment my skintone, and the darkest red (Monte Carlo) doesn’t feel right to me, it has clumps coming out of the bottle and it looks disgusting.

Notice the name of each product, they come by cities’ names and Abu Dhabi is included, im not surprised it is a nude shade, how beautiful.






I got 2 sets of Long Lasting Slim lip pencils, the first one are browns and neutrals, the second are pinks and orange. I dont see anything special about them, they are not very creamy but they are good lip pencils.



Milani Coming Up Roses Powder Blush


This is my first purchase from a cosmetics brand called Milani, the prices are very affordable and the color payoff is amazing in general.

Those blushes are limited edition called Coming Up Roses Powder Blush and come in 4 shades: 01 Romantic Rose, 02 Flora Passion, 03 Warm Petals and 04 Bella Rosa.

It was difficult for me to find those blushes since they were limited edition and sold out so i started looking for buyers on instagram and ebay until i found one that sells all 4 blushes together, and since the blushes are originally prices cheap (in my opinion) i didnt worry much for paying more on those so i got them.





More Pics: My Picks from MAC Temperature Rising


I’ve been facing problems with photo loading here on wordpress that i cannot upload more than one photo on each post but thank god this problem is fixed lately with the new software update, i have posted before about my picks from MAC collection called Temperature Rising but i wasnt able to upload all of the photos i have taken, so here they are!

Again those are what i got:

Lipstick: Feel My Pulse (Magenta Purple), Caliente (dazzle bronze/burgundy)
Lipglass: Liquid Passion (nude), Soft Serenade (beige with sparkle), Underdressed (tan with shimmer).
Blush: Hot Nights (pink), Ripe For Love (peach).
Eyeshadow Quad: Bare My Soul.
PowerChrome Eyepencil: Copper Strip, Life’s Luxury.
Nailpolish: Scorching Haute (magenta), Tropical (bronze).









Nude Lipsticks


I am a sucker for nude lipsticks, whenever i go purchase makeup i have to come home with nude lipsticks, they always attract my eyes between all this makeup goodness.

On my last MAC shopping i took my BACK2MAC and got 2 nude lipsticks (Honeylove and Half n Half) and one pink (Pink Plaid).

In addition i bought my favorite lipgloss from MAC which is called Lust, i love it so much that i keep on repurchasing it. Also i got another nude lipstick which VivaGlam II, and just in case you dont know this information but you cannot take a VivaGlam lipstick from your BACK2MAC because part of the lipstick fee goes to AIDS CHARITY and support.

If you are not familiar with BACK2MAC program it is basically returning 6 packaging back to MAC and you will get one lipstick free from the permanent line in return (note that you cannot return Limited Edition packaging, lash packaging and wipes bag), and MAC will get those packaging back for recycling purposes.


MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow in Brownluxe


This collection came out of no where to me, i wasnt aware of it until few days of the collection’s launch. Those eyeshadow lines are so not MAC, that’s why i was really surprised when i first saw the collection’s photos.

I only got one “pearlfusion shadow” which is called Brownluxe, i am loving the colors and using it almost every day since i got it. The colors are really beautiful especially the shimmery/glittery ones. Some of the eyeshadow lines are slimmer that others which makes it difficult to put a brush in there, so either use a small blush or be careful while using the regular sizes.

Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadows are not yet launched in the UAE, i ordered mine online from Nordstrom using my US Shop & Ship account.

My Picks: MAC Temperature Rising Collection


I have posted before about MAC’s recent collection which is called Temperature Rising, i have bought almost half of the items online from Nordstrom when it was first launched, but i missed some of the items that i really wanted so i went this time and got them, and i also bought some more which i saw are really pretty in real.

So those are what i got from Temperature Rising collection:

Lipstick: Feel My Pulse (Magenta Purple), Caliente (dazzle bronze/burgundy)
Lipglass: Liquid Passion (nude), Soft Serenade (beige with sparkle), Underdressed (tan with shimmer).
Blush: Hot Nights (pink), Ripe For Love (peach).
Eyeshadow Quad: Bare My Soul.
PowerChrome Eyepencil: Copper Strip, Life’s Luxury.
Nailpolish: Scorching Haute (magenta), Tropical (bronze).

Overall I’m loving and really enjoying some of the items so far especially Soft Serenade lipglass which i use it almost everyday on top of Kinda Sexy lipstick.

My Picks: MAC Tropical Taboo Collection


Mineralize Skinfinish: Lust.
Mineralize Lipstick: Midnight Mambo.
Mineralize Blush: Simmer.
Lipliner: Have To Have It.

The collection is launched online and not yet in the UAE, i have ordered it from Nordstrom using my Shop & Ship US account.

Dior Paradise Duo in Coral Glow


DiorSkin Nude Tan Paradise Duo in 002 Coral Glow. An iridescent blush and bronzing powder, comes with a small kabuki brush.

I didnt use the product yet but it looks pretty gorgeous from its pan. I couldn’t find it at our local beauty stores in my area, it was sold out, even the pink one. Since it is a limited edition i had to get it one way or another before it runs out for good so i had to order it online from which is a UK website. They don’t directly ship some items to my country, and it was one of them, so i had to use my UK Shop and Shop account by Aramex.

My Picks: RiRi Heart MAC Collection


MAC recently launched RiRi Heart MAC collection that was exclusively online, and those were my picks from the collection.

I got RiRi Woo lipstick (red) from the first launch of RiRi’s collaboration with MAC that was around 2 months ago, and it was also included in the second collection. It is an almost exact color as MAC’s Ruby Woo which is a permanent lipstick.

The purple lipstick which is called RiRi Boy (btw i love the names!) is a retro matte as they described it, ive seen online comparison to Up The Amp which is almost the exact color but its creamy.

As for the powder blush, it has two shades, the bronzer and the blush, it can be used each separately or both mixed together.








My Pick: MAC All About Orange Collection


Recently, MAC launched a collection called All About Orange, most of the collection are of orange-y shades, i didnt pick much, i only got one lipstick called Tart n Trendy and it has a Lustre finish and one blush called Royal Sunset.

I have ordered them from Nordstrom, as you know MAC launches the collections pretty late in the Middle East comparing to US and Europe, i believe around 2 months later or so.