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Esqido Mink Lashes

A couple of weeks ago i received two lashes from Esqido, they gave me a choice to choose any lashes that i want from the website and i chose those two in (Big City Nights) and (Lash Named Desire). I felt those types of lashes look better on my eye shape and i am really excited to start wearing them.

I also got a lash glue, i havent used it yet, the bottle looks very neat and i loved the application which makes it easy for glue application on the lashes, i started to hate those squeeze tubes because they make alot of mess and sometimes i tend to apply alot than needed.

You can get the Esqido mink lashes from their website.


Big City Nights
Big City Nights

Lash Named Desire
Lash Named Desire

Companion Eyelash Glue

Infinity Palette by LHCosmetics


Hello again!

And here i come to show you an amazing product, now first let me tell you about the creator of LHCosmetics, her name is Linda Hallberg, i used to follow her years back because i loooooved her makeup, style and she is gorgeous, and then she launched her own brand which is called LH (as in Linda Hallberg Cosmetics).




This palette is called Infinity Palette by Linda Hallberg, it was sent to me from for my review. Here is a description from the website about the palette:

Infinity Palette is the ultimate multi-functional product, bound to no rules. With eight buildable colors to be worn all over face or body, wet or dry. Use the powders in the palette for detailed eye work, sculpting your face, create a nice glow or the perfect brows, the choice is all yours!

When i first saw the palette, i thought this cant be an eyeshadow palette!! The first two shades were perfect for highlighting, the pink and coral shades are for blushes!! the neutral shades for contouring/eyeshadow and then the last shades as eyeshadows, then i read that Linda Hallberg’s palette is supposed to be used for almost everything, for eyes and face, even body!

This palette is so versatile, Its one of those palettes that you would keep on your vanity because it has all the essentials, i mostly reach for the black color daily!! I also love mixing shades together, like mixing both highlighter together for a beautiful color, and both blushes which i love doing lately.