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MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl



MAC make those little pots with cream products that can be used in different ways, they made for multi-use like a cream eyeshadow, an eyeshadow base, a blush, a highlight and even lipstick, but those multi-use products can be restricted to some areas only and they always have a little paper that says where is the product safe to be used on and where is not, for example some bright orange colors cannot be used on eyes.

This is called Pearl, it is one of the famous MAC products for highlighting, as you know cream highlights are really popular because beside getting the highlighting effect from the product an extra glow comes from the cream texture itself, i use it in two ways either as a highlight base or as a highlight itself and both work great.

I am not a big fan of cream products on my cheeks because i get oily skin but in the winter my skin tends to be more combination that oily so cream products will last longer and look better on my skin, i rarely use such products in the summer.


By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Foundation



One of my friends recommended this foundation to me and since i trust her taste i wanted to give it a shot, i love By Terry brand but i had some trial and error with them a few times and the last time was when i got a foundation that i dont want to try to remember its name, yes it was that bad, maybe i didnt get my right shade (which rarely happens to me) but i noticed that i always get the wrong shade of foundation when i shop at Sephora store, i am not sure why but i guess it could be the lighting at the store that doesnt really let me see the exact shade of the foundation.

Anyways it could just be coincidence (weird huh!), but when i went to check By Terry Terrybly Densiliss foundation i couldnt find my shade, i checked Number 7 which was a bit light and number 8 which was too dark and orange (again this is what i saw when i was checking then at Sephora store), so i tried mixing them both and the result was matching to my skintone so i got them both even though one bottle costs alot, i dont remember the exact price but it was AED 400+!! I had to pay almost AED 1000 for 2 foundations.

When i came back home i just thought that mixing the two foundations was the right shade and when i did this i realized that the shade is almost 2 shades lighter than my skin, so i tried using number 8 alone and it was a perfect match!! I didnt think so when i swatched it instore, it was too dark and orangy, maybe it was just a bad bottle!!

So i gave away number 7 to my sister who matched her well and i kept number 8 and i am loving it, the foundation has anti-aging properties and has a wrinkle control serum, that’s why it is called a Serum Foundation.

The foundation has medium coverage and can be buildable, i dont like to do it though, i like to keep my foundation as thin as possible as long as it covers any blemishes/marks, it didnt break out my skin which i was so afraid that it would, it worked well on my skin and it makes it look radiant and flawless. It has a satin finish and it lasts all day long, since i used my NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder every foundation seems to lasts all day long!! I just love this NARS invention. I have those smiling lines and i would hate any foundation that would settle there even if i set my foundation with a proper setting powder, but this one doesnt.

The way i apply this foundation is by pumping a couple of pumps or a pump and a half on my finger tips, and then lightly dab the product all over my face, and then blend it really well using a beauty blender.

Since it is named Wrinkle Control Serum Foundation it is targeted for girls who are supposed to be using anti-aging products, so i believe it will not suit those girls who are younger.

By Terry can be found at Sephora-Dubai (i didnt see it yet at Abu Dhabi branches, but hopefully soon) The brand is a bit pricy but can be justified if the product works miracles, i would definitely be buying this product again.




Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush



I have spoken before about my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush that i got in 2 shades Mood Exposure and Radiant Magenta which i absolutely love. Beside looking gorgeous in their pan they do show really well on the skin, they have good color pay off and are buildable so always make sure to start by adding little and then build it up if needed. Alot of people once they swatches the product they say that it has shimmer which they dont like, i am one of them, i dont like alot of shimmer when it comes to the blush because they make pores look larger, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes are not that kind of shimmer blushes, as i explained before they are mixed with the Ambient Lighting Powders and are not shimmery. They make the skin looking gorgeous, healthy and glowing.

This time i picked a shade called Luminous Flush, it might look a bit similar to Radiant Magenta when swatches but this one is a bit lighter and has a hint of coral, Radiant Magenta is definitely pink and darker.

This time i have ordered the blush from a local website called for AED200/-. The original price from Hourglass website is for $35/-


MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Superb


I got my Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish from MAC Glamour Daze collection, it also came out recently at Magnetic Nude collection. It is described as a “soft peachy nude with multidimensional shimmer.” This is one of the best highlights that i got, at first i didnt like the texture and it swatched a bit hard with the first layer but once you break through i got a good amount of product and pigmentation and that’s when it came to be one of the best products that i have used.

The same problem happened with all of the Extra Dimension products, the first layer was a bit hard to break but once this first layer it gone the product comes out better, i have no idea what type of layer it is covered with but it makes it very smooth and kind of plastic-y that there will be hardly any product coming out but then the real powder comes out and that’s when the beauty comes. I wasnt a big fan of the eyeshadows though, i still find a difficulty in using them and they hardly stay put on my lids even with a primer but the blushes and highlights are amazing.



Tom Ford Lipstick in Pink Dusk


Who doesnt love Tom Ford cosmetics especially the lipsticks!! They are opaque and creamy. so dreamy-like while applying them. I own alot of shades especially the older ones that come in the white packaging and i remember i got most of them from Vienna before they were launched in the UAE, later on i got few more shades when they were launched at Harvey Nichols-Dubai.

The black packaging is the new one that comes in the full Tom Ford Cosmetics line, i believe the white ones are discontinued and (correct me if i am wrong) the shades are no longer available. I have posted about them before in addition to their swatches (check the link).

Now this shade is Pink Dusk is one of my favorite pink shades, as i mentioned before in my posts and who knows me well i dont wear pink that often, i find it really hard to find a perfect pink shade that i really feel comfortable with. I do try and wear all shades, some of them are worn on once or twice only just for the sake of using and trying the color but never felt that those shades really matches me or feel comfortable in them. I am more into nudes/peaches/beige those kind of shades, they compliment my skintone more. Pink Dusk is a lovely soft pink color, and since the finish is creamy and the color is opaque it makes it delicious to wear it.



Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation



First of all i want to say that i love Hourglass products, i have used a bunch of products and i can tell that they are made of high quality (what this means lol) but seriously you can tell that this brand is really good, alot of people are complaining that their products are a bit pricy but i justify it that they totally worth it, all the products that i used so far are really good and non regretted purchasing.

This time i will be reviewing a foundation called Immaculate, i heard so much about it that i had to get it, and since it is a mattifying foundation and i have oily skin i thought it will work well on my skin. This foundation is actually a “liquid powder”, you pump the product out of the can and you get a foaming kind of liquid, but once you blend it turns out powder, not like a loose or compact powder, but they just said it right a liquid powder.




I took the risk and ordered online without knowing my shade, i checked some swatches online and decided that Beige could be my shade, and thank god it turn out to be. I might try a bit of a lighter shade next time just to check how their shades work.




Now the foundation bottle first comes with a cover, and there is an extra pump in the packaging, once i got it i removed the bottle’s cover and placed the pump, i have no idea why they did it this way, i cannot imagine why would someone use a foundation without a pump, i have experienced how annoying a foundation bottle can be without a pump, you cannot get the right amount out, it is either too little or too much. Pumps usually give a reasonable amount of products, it is never too little or too much, just a perfect amount.



Here is a swatch of the product, on the left is the amount of foundation that comes out of a single pump, on the left is how it looks like blended on the back of my hand.

My thoughts of the product: it works great on oily skin, it is indeed applied as liquid and goes on a bit powdery, plus it has a matte finish. It doesnt get oily during the day and lasts long. The coverage is light to medium, i dont like to build up my foundation so it wont look cakey but i only add a bit of concealer on any blemishes if needed.

I am loving this product so far and i know i will like it even more during the summer when my face gets more oily because of the heat, i am not a big fan of matte finishes, i always prefer foundations with dewy finishes but it doesnt mean i wont love a good matte one.

I have ordered mine from for $55/-

Some of my Favorite lipsticks by MAC



MAC is well known with its wide selection of lipsticks from its permanent range, the PRO range and also the ones that come in Limited Edition, i have collected them for years only to realise i was building a MAC empire of all Limited Edition ones and i had few from the permanent, so in the last couple of years i started to expand my permanent lipstick collection and boy how i missed alot of good stuff!!

I wont show every single lipstick i love by MAC but those two i have been really loving, and let me tell you that i am not a pink lipstick (nor blush) kind of girl, i rarely wear them, but those two are amazing, the kind of pink that i really love and wouldnt mind wearing everyday.

The first color is called Pink Plaid which is a purple pink, has a blue undertone, and it comes in a matte finish, i didnt match it with a lipliner yet but i’ve always used it with NYX lipliner in Rose, which is a perfect match with my other favorite pink lipstick that is called Please Me, it has a yellow undertone and also has a matte finish. Matte finishes are sometimes annoying because they dry the lips but i always make sure to apply a hint of lipbalm before wearing a matte lipstick.

Over the years I have noticed an increase in MAC lipstick prices, i remember when they were sold for around AED 75 or maybe less and the saleslady was all bragging how they keep their prices reasonable because they recycle the packaging, and the last time i purchased a MAC lipstick they were sold for AED 100!!





Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush



As soon as i heard Hourglass Cosmetics are going to launch a new blush line i couldnt wait to order, i wasnt able to order when it first launched because everything was sold out in no time, after few days i found the two that i ordered were back in stock but the rest werent, so i ordered them immediately.

First of all let me say what is special about those blushes that a blush color is mixed with the famous Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, and if you are familiar with those Powders you will notice that the names of the blushes are connected with them. For example, the blush on the right is called Mood Exposure and there is a Lighting Powder called Mood Light, and the blush on the left is called Radiant Magenta and the Lighting Powder is called Radiant Light.

The blushes that i got are really amazing, i didnt expect them to be this beautiful in real and they are gorgeous in wear. My favorite of the two is Mood Exposure and i wearing it alsmost everytime i wear makeup, yes it is this beautiful. As for Radiant Magenta, i loved it too even though i am not a pink blush kind of girl, i rarely use them but i think the secret that makes it very wearable to me is that it is mixed with the Lighting Powder.




I ordered mine for $35 each from using MyUS forwarding company, they are also available at for the same price. Hourglass Cosmetics are kind of expensive but they are totally worth it, every item i purchased and used i totally loved.


Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick



I’ve always wanted to get Urban Decay Revolution lipstick and i kept delaying since forever, i actually wanted to get 4 shades but when i went to Sephora and checked them i couldnt find the other two, they werent even available in testers so the saleslady said that they might not got all colors, but i ended getting the other 2 shades in Liar and Naked2.

The lipsticks are amazing, they are creamy and opaque, they moisturize very well and they stay long except while eating or drinking because they stay creamy while wearing and they never dry out. The only problem, in my opinion, is the shade of the lipsticks, i dont like this flat round tip shape, it makes it very hard to actually draw the lipstick in the shape of the lips, i always end up wiping and correcting the edge lines.

They are kind of similar to MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks but i believe UD are more opaque, they are very similar in the finish and even the lipstick’s flat tip shape which is also annoying but they soften while use.




Sigma Beauty Enlight Collection



Hello everyone, today i will be talking about Sigma Beauty Enlight Collection, it was launched few months ago and i had it on my wishlist since then, finally had the chance to order it online from a local website called , i am very skeptic when it comes to ordering from local websites because i dont want to pay more on the products that their original price, i only do it if i wanted the product ASAP and i try not to minimize my order as much as i can. But was selling Enlight Collection for almost the same as the original price, only few dirhams more and that’s why i didnt think twice before ordering.

The entire collection comes with an eyeshadow palette, three eyeshadow bases, three blushes, 3 eye pencils, 3 lip glosses and 3 eye brushes. Enlight collection can be purchased as a whole collection or each item can be purchased separately.





The first item is the eyeshadow palette which is called Warm Neutrals, it contain 12 neutral eyeshadows from matte to shimmery. The palette is small and handy and comes with a mirror from the inside. As you can see from the swatches of all colors that they are highly pigmented, i barely touched the eyeshadow surface and came a good amount of product, the color payoff is really great and the color range is beautiful. All colors are very wearable and suitable to wear at anytime, a soft look can be created from this palette and also a dark one. The only downfall in this palette that there is no shimmery highlighting color that can be used on the brow bone or in the inside corners of the eyes so i have to use a different product to complete the look.




Englight collection has three different blushes, actually those are made as a highlight, a blush and a bronzer. They actually look way darker in the pan than when they are swatched, all colors are beautiful and will compliment most skintones. For some reason i couldnt swatch the highlight color properly, it usually shows off really pretty in real but i couldnt take a proper photo of it. The highlight shade is called Peaceful, the blush shade is called Serene, and the bronze shade is called Mellow.



And now come the eye shadow bases, Sigma has made some before and they were amazing, they are very creamy and can work as an eyeshadow primer/base and wont let the eyeshadow crease even without a primer. The brown shade is called Composed, the peach shade is called Neutralize and the light pink shade is called Awake.



As for the lip glosses i didnt really like them that much, they look really pretty in their packaging and also when i swatched them but they barely have any color once applied on the lips, they almost look like a clear gloss, they are also heavily scented in vanilla, which they smell nice but they taste like medicine. The light purple shade is called Hint, the dark spicy shade is called Tranquil and the peachy shade is called Tint.

The eye pencils come in 3 shades, one black called Eclipse and two browns, a matte one called Vintage and a shimmery one called Nutmeg. They run smoothly and i like to use them as an eyeliner and smudge it a bit with a brush to look soft. They are not the long lasting kind as i was able to wipe them off my hand very easily after i swatched them, but they lasted perfectly when i applied them on my eyes, i didnt use them as a kohl yet so i am not sure if they will stay put.



Lastly, the collection also comes with 3 different eye brushes, all of them are new and  they look kind of similar to the ones from the Extreme Color Payoff set. The brush on the left is E34-Domed Utility, the one in the center is E54-Medium Sweeper, and the one on the right is E52-Soft Focus Shader.

Overall, the collection is really great, i loved everything about it except for the lip glosses which were almost useless, they barely gave any color unlike as they were described in the website that they were opaque, which they werent! They might look better over a lipstick, or if you seek a very natural looking lips.