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Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel: Bronze Universel


Meet Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzing makeup base, also called Universel Bronzer, im not sure if this was its previous name but alot of makeup artists used to called it (Universel Bronzer) years ago.

It is a foamy/cream medium color bronzer, it is described as a bronzing makeup base mainly because it is used before applying foundation, it can also be used after which i prefer.

What is special about this product? Well nothing really, it is like any regular bronzer, it only comes in one shade so it will work for light and medium skintones only. The texture is very soft and velvety and is applied smoothly.


The bronzer comes in a big round shape packaging, it has a protective plastic cover from the inside to prevent the creamy bronzer from getting dry.


The bronzer can be applied by all sorts of brushes but since it is creamy it is better to use a synthetic brush so it wont stick on the bronzer like regular brushes, you can see some of the hairbrush is already sticking on top which is not a pleasant sight.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sellout


Urban Decay single eyeshadow in Sellout comes in a really cute silver packaging, the inside pan looks exactly like MAC ones but i hate to depot it and get rid of this beautiful packaging but i know i will eventually do it because i like to keep my eyeshadows all in one place.

This is such a beautiful highlight color, the texture is velvety and very smooth, very pigmented too. The color is a pink pearl and very beautiful to highlight the inside corners of the eyes to brighten them up and this is how i use it in addition to highlighting my brow bone.



NYX products Swatches


As i promised before on my instagram account that i will be posting swatches of my NYX products that i purchased last time, i know it took me a bit longer because of the Eid holiday, i had the pictures ready (which usually they are the reason im always late in my posts that i didnt take any) but i delayed this time because i didnt have to write.

First of all i want to briefly say that NYX is a drugstore cosmetics brand, we actually have it in the Middle East (can be found at Centerpoint), but our counters are always empty which is why i mostly order online, i remember years ago i was dying to get specific jumbo pencils but i couldn’t find in the UAE then i ordered them online, this time i also ordered online because i found a seller that sells them in sets. All 13 matte glosses came together in one set for $53.48, the first brown/neutral lip pencil set for $10.80 and the pinks/orange lip pencil set also for $10.73. I also got 5 blushes each priced differently between $4.87-$5.86 . I ordered from Amazon website through my Aramex Shop and Ship US account.




The blushes come in a cuttle little packaging, very convenient for a small makeup bag and on the go, the texture and finish is a little powdery but most of them give a good color pay-off, my mistake is that i ordered a couple of very light shades, they still work on my skintone if layered but they will definitely work better if they were darker, you can see from the swatches the very light colors to the pigmented.






Now the fun part are the 13 NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, they look like lip glosses but they are creamy and kind of opaque, they might be more opaque if layered but some colors will still look a bit sheer.

Most colors are really beautiful, but when i first opened the packaging they didn’t feel right to me, they looked like an old dried product which i thought they were but they actually look like this, maybe because the product finishing is matte which gives it this dried look. Once applied the product feels very light and smooth on lips, it doesn’t feel heavy at all as if i barely applied any product, and in few seconds the product dries up a bit to give the matte finish.

There are a couple of light shades i didn’t like, i don’t think they compliment my skintone, and the darkest red (Monte Carlo) doesn’t feel right to me, it has clumps coming out of the bottle and it looks disgusting.

Notice the name of each product, they come by cities’ names and Abu Dhabi is included, im not surprised it is a nude shade, how beautiful.






I got 2 sets of Long Lasting Slim lip pencils, the first one are browns and neutrals, the second are pinks and orange. I dont see anything special about them, they are not very creamy but they are good lip pencils.



Tom Ford Cosmetics


Tom Ford beauty is a true beauty, i didnt have a chance to get deep into the cosmetics line and i didnt visit their counter for a very long time. I have posted before about the first lipstick line (that comes in the white packaging), the current full makeup line comes in brown.

Those products are not new, i got them around a year ago, i got 2 lipsticks, 1 eyeshadow quad and a blush.

The eyeshadow quad is called Eye Color Quad 01 Golden Mink, the top colors are glittery and the bottom ones are velvety and pigmented.

The blush is called Blush Cheek Color 03 Flush, it is a bright coral shade and very pigmented.

The lipsticks are Pink Adobe and Sable Smoke, i have included a picture swatching them, they are creamy, moisturizing and have a good color payoff, i love those 2 shades.



Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color


Those are my lipsticks from Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colors. I got some of them around 3 years ago when they first launched in Europe, i remember i bought them from a perfume boutique at Vienna, then they were launched at Harvey Nichols-Dubai and got the rest that i wanted.

The packaging is really classy and beautiful, the lipstick is a bit expensive comparing to others but they are so worth it. All if the colors are highly pigmented, creamy and opaque, they are moisturizing and long lasting.

Check out the swatches of the 5 lipsticks that i got.

Honestly i don’t know if those are available right now because Tom Ford later launched a whole makeup line with different color packaging and a new line of lipsticks.


Half ‘n Half Lipstick by MAC


Half ‘n Half lipstick by MAC is one of my favorite colors, it is the kind of color i like to use everyday. Such shade is considered in the “nude” category because it works well on my skin, i don’t like deadly kind of nude that makes me look like I’m out of “breath” or “thirst”.

It has an amplified finish which is creamy and opaque, it doesn’t dry out the lips, it keep them soft and hydrated all day.

Half ‘n Half is part of the permanent collection.



Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup Foundation


Today will be a review about one of the foundations that i really love, and to be honest i just got it recently but immediately used it and i am loving the result.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin is a liquid foundation and comes in a really small bottle, i worry that i will finish it soon especially that i cannot have a proper control of the foundation flow when it comes out of the bottle because it is open and only has a normal cap. I try my best to be careful while using it to get only the amount of product i am going to use.

The foundation claims to be have an antioxidant blend which will work well with oily skin since most foundations oxidizes in an hour or two after wearing it, also it has a protection of SPF 20 which also is important especially in the summer. I am a person who dislike wearing any kind of sun protection but i wouldn’t mind when it is in my foundation.

I got the shade Fresh Beige 70, at first i thought it is too dark for my skin and even when i swatched it still looked dark, but once i got it on my skin and blended it well it matched me perfectly. I love the healthy, glowy result it gave me and i was amazed that it holds really well on my oily skin, it kinds of dries out the excess oil and it feels like a matifying foundation yet it still keeps the radiance and glow effect.


The coverage is light to medium, i usually use a small amount of product to aim a light/medium coverage but it can be buildable. The texture is light and can be blended easily.
In general i like to apply and blend my foundation with Sigma Angled Kabuki Brush in F84, it is amazing in blending a liquid foundation.

Neutrogena cosmetic is not available in the UAE, but you can get it online by using Aramex’s Shop and Ship service. I got mine from a seller on instagram called @uaemakeup

By Terry Or De Rose Elixir Extreme


I have wanted to write about this product for so long but it just got somehow forgotten into the “not so new and excited about” item. In my opinion this is a really great product for skins that need/use anti aging products.

This product is by a loved brand called By Terry, a lot of people are not familiar with it but it can be found at Sephora Dubai branches, I’m really hoping they will bring it in Abu Dhabi branch because i am a fan of it. It is a highlighting primer with anti aging qualities, smells really divine and it says smells like rose.

The products looks very luminous and pink when it first comes out of the pump but it blends into the skin to give a really nice glow.

The product dries out quickly and doesn’t leave any oil residue so i believe it is perfect for oily skins.

The product is a bit pricy, it is sold for around AED 600/- but they say it is pricy because it has 24-carat pink gold.




Oz The Great and Powerful Theodora Palette


This is not a new palette, it was launched before the movie Oz the Great and Powerful showed in theaters. The idea of this palette is to suit the witch Theodora which she had an amazing makeup in the movie (not when she turned green :-D). She was wearing a smokey brown on her eyes and red lips.

Now this palette (Theodora) has all those beautiful brown shades which i mostly use along with the ivory color, i rarely use the duo colors, only when needed. Those eyeshadows are removable, and i believe those are the same as the recently launched empty palettes also by Urban Decay and you can fill them with the eyeshadows you choose.

The palette also contain a black liner and a lip/gloss pen in red (not shown in picture).

The palette is a Limited Edition, and there is another one named after the other good witch which is called Glinda.

NARS Pierre Hardy Blush


NARS recently launched a Limited Edition collection by Pierre Hardy, i only got one blush which is called Rotonde.

The blush size is bigger than normal NARS blushes, it is like the bronzer’s size. The color i picked is orange with gold lines, at first couple of uses it gave me a shimmery effect but later on the gold lines disappeared and all i got is the orange color.

It is highly pigmented so a light dip of the brush is more than enough.