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Revlon ColorStay Foundation


Lately ive been purchasing alot from drugstores, i used to be against it but now drugstore products started to compete the expensive lines.

Ive been really enjoying this foundation from Revlon, it took me a while to pick my shade because as you know not all testers are available for the drugstore brands. I dont know if this happens globally but it is very frustrating in here, most drugstore brands dont have testers for all their products, so this foundation was one of them, until one day more testers were brought and i had the chance to try them.

ColorStay foundation comes in two kinds one for oily/combination skin and one for normal/dry skin, since my skin is oily i picked the oily/combination foundation.

So far ive been loving it, it didnt break out my skin, it didnt change color, it stays all day even with ablution which amazed me because mostly such “unmoving” foundations tend to be a bit drying but not this one, my skin stays healthy and radiant all day.

Regarding coverage it is light to medium which i prefer for a daily use, and the thing i love about it that it doesn’t settle in the corner of the mouth which happens with most foundations.

Euthymol, the best toothpaste?


I have read and heard about this toothpaste so much that i had to try it myself, alot of people are raving about it, how good and healthy it is. To be honest i still don’t understand what the hype is all about because i just started using it.

Now this toothpaste is well known for its strong antiseptic smell and taste, it is very “hot” that i can barely leave the paste in my mouth, i feel the instant urge of rinsing my mouth, this only happened to me on the first use but then i got used to it. As a matter of fact i loved this stinging feeling, i am well known if loving strong minty hot toothpastes and this thing does it all. Since it is very strong in taste and smell i stopped using my regular mouthwash, as i said this thing does it all!!

Another thing, Euthymol is Fluoride free, i still dont understand why is it better, i always thought that having Fluoride in a toothpaste is good, but i have read that some people with gum problems are somehow allergic to Fluoride, I am still new to this toothpaste and i will dig and read more about it.

The tube is smaller than a regular toothpaste tube, the ones we mostly use are 120ml but this one is only 75ml. In addition, the toothpaste is in pink color, how cool is this!! I believe the pink tone will make teeth brighter in time, or so i hope!!

Now let me tell you that Euthymol is not available in the UAE or anywhere close, most people buy it from the UK and i have ordered it from Amazon UK website, it even costs less that the US Amazon.

Illamasqua Brow and Lash Gel


I have heard alot about Illamasqua’s Brow and Lash Gel that i had to buy it, i never really used brow gels before until recently when i purchased the Brow Duo by Sigma a couple of months ago and i didnt really like it that much, mainly because the brush was too big, Illamasqua‘s one is smaller which gives me more control. Sigma’s wand was also too big since it has two brow gel sides, one is clear which i usually use and the other one is tinted which i used only ones and didnt like because the tinted product had shimmer.

I never really felt that Sigma product put my lashes in place until i used the Illamasqua one, after applying the product i can feel the effect of the gel on my lashes, they feel kind of hard and put in place, almost the same feeling after applying a hair gel or mousse on the hair and hardens it a bit. I believe it is good especially for those girls who dont really do their eyebrows but they want to keep them neat and put in place instead of having them moving during the day.


But i still dont understand how this product can be used a brow and lash gel, i would never put the product on my eyes (as in normal clear mascara) after applying it on my brows, the brush will pick up some product and as you can see in the picture the brush is a bit brownish from the product. Maybe the product is meant to be for either brow or lashes and not together using the same brush.


Illamasqua Cream Blush in Promise


Hello there, its been a while since a posted anything, been busy lately with alot of thing including my son’s birthday party! Anyways, i have tons and tons of makeup and products to review which i end up reviewing some until i pack a bunch of other products again!!

This time i am reviewing a beautiful cream blush from Illamasqua called Promise, as i can see from the pan it is a bright almost barbie pink color, it might have a hint of peach in it, i am not really good in describing colors but in the website it is described as a “warm candy pink with dewy finish”.




I know most people with oily skin are scared to use a cream blush, that was my case before, but after years of experience i noticed that it lasts longer than the normal powder blush, by using the proper primer and suitable foundation the cream blush will look stunning.

I am using a Sigma F40 brush to apply the cream blush, i used to use duo fiber brush like MAC 187 or Sigma F50 but i didnt have good control to apply and blend the color, plus the bristles were kind of sticking on my face while applying. The Sigma F40 works really good and blends really good while applying a cream blush.


What i love about this color that i can wear it with almost any makeup look, it doesnt really look barbie pink on my cheeks, it gives a healthy glowy pinkish/peachy effect and i even got compliments while wearing it.

SigmaBeauty Brow Powder Duo


Sigma Beauty recently launched brow powder duos that come in 4 different shades (Light, Medium, Dark, Auburn), i order Medium since i found it pretty close to my favorite brow duo from Anastasia in shade Brunette/Dark Brown. Once i received the shipment i saw that it is almost (if not) exactly the same shades.

What i liked about Anastasia Brow Powder Duo that it is especially designed for eyebrows, you can always use regular eyeshadows but the brow powders are designed for brows which are water and smudge proof, they will last longer on brows and they wont smudge or budge if we touch them.
Brunette/Darn Brown from Anastasia was also my favorite because ashy colors suit me more and i like the lighter shade for a soft natural look, or i only use it at the beginning of my brows and then mix it with the dark color on the rest, this way my lashes will still look natural by not looking like one straight dark color, they will look more natural by getting a soft color at the beginning and then they get darker.

Now Sigma Brow Powder Duo in shade Medium have exactly the same shades and quality, which are perfect for me. It comes in a small black compact with a holographic Sigma writing on top, the packaging is pretty neat. The quality of the powder is really good, and the color last long. With the right tool you will get nice and neat eyebrows, i normally use an angled brow brush from Sigma numbered E75. Afterwards i set my brows in place by using a clear brow gel that i also got from Sigma which is duo sided, one side is clear which i usually use and the other is tinted but i dont like to use it because it has shimmer.








All my Sigma products i ordered from You can use March %10 discount code which is SAVE2013

SigmaBeauty Brush Spa: Brush Cleaning Glove


The new revolutionary tool (glove) that deep clean the make up brushes, it is especially designed to deep clean face and eye makeup, and also shape it. It is very important to deep clean the make up brushes every now and then (and depending how how often you use them) and this glove is supposed to help alot, plus it will protect your hand from getting dry and irritated, and instead of using your hand the glove will protect it.

The glove comes in 4 different colors (black, blue, pink and purple) and has two sides (for one face brushes and the other side is for eye brushes). Each side is designed to clean, rinse, refine and shape them. It is very easy to use it because those words are written on the glove so you will know which area to use for what exactly.

The glove is sold for $39 and you can order it online from (they ship worldwide).

Now i will write about my thoughts and experience about it.

I have chosen the pink color because simply i love pink, all colors are so pretty but in my opinion black looks pretty basic and nothing fancy about it at all, if you like black it is up to you, but i like adding fun and color to my stuff.




The glove has a microfiber inner glove in white that will help to protect your hands, it is very soft and it does protect the hand from the glove. The main idea of this Brush Spa beside giving us an easy way to deep clean the brushes is to protect the hand from all the water, brush cleansing products and the constant brushing and swirling of the brush. The hands does get irritated and dry if you keep doing this for a long time, if you have alot of brushes to clean you will know exactly what i am talking about.




Unfortunately once i took the inner glove out i noticed that it is damaged from one side, i was really upset about it but i cooled myself down because it is easy to sew up back, so i guess it is a minor problem to worry about.



Now the cleaning will begin!! I have used MAC brush cleanser , Johnsson baby shampoo and Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser which i mostly prefer, i find it a bit harder (and takes longer time) to clean my brushes using MAC’s brush cleanser. In those photos i have used Boobi Brown’s Conditioning Brush Cleanser, i added water to the gel and mixed it well.


Now as you can see there are two sides of the glove, the first photo is the eye side and the second is the face side, in addition i will show you one face brush which is used for liquid foundation (and by the way this is probably the hardest brush to clean among the others) and the other brush is an eye blending brush.




First i will show you the eye side and how i cleaned the brush, i first put the glove under running water and dip the brush in the cleansing solution, then i start cleaning the brush on the CLEAN area by swirling i around and going back and forth, you can see the foam from the cleaning.


The second step is by taking the brush to the RINSE area and run the brush under water and going back and forth, this area will clean the brush from the cleansing product/foam.


After finishing from the RINSE area i take the brush to the REFINE area, most of the time there will be some extra cleansing product left in the brush so i swirl the brush around or go back and forth, you will see some foam is developing.
In case the brush isnt clean yet you can go back to the CLEAN step and do everything all over again until you make sure the brush is clean.


The last step is to shape the brush, this is the fun part in the glove, the SHAPE part comes between the fingers and it does take out almost all the excess water in addition to shaping it.



Now here are some photos when i cleaned the foundation brush, first you will see how dirty it is even in the first pic no foam was developed, only the liquid foundation was there, it was very difficult for me to clean it, i have to repeat all steps over and over until i get it cleaned.





Now there are downsides of this gloves which are:

  • The glove doesnt %100 clean the brushes, especially foundation, concealer brushes.
  • The foundation stains the glove (photo below)
  • It was a bit difficult to use the glove on one hand, the palm side was easy but the back one wasnt. I am a left handed person so i wear the glove on my right, the eye side will be on the palm and the face on the back, for such big face brushes they were very difficult to clean on the back of my hands, probably right handed people will be easier for them since they will wear the glove on their left and the face side will be the palm side.
  • Even though the glove is meant to clean the brush better and faster but it doesnt, i took almost same if not more time than my usual time to clean the brushes. I was exhausted by the time i was done and mostly the physical part came when i was cleaning brushes that i used liquids on like foundation, corrector, concealer, cream eyeshadows and blushes. The brushes i used powder with were quick and easy to clean.
  • The glove was a bit big for my hand so i have to keep on placing it properly back every now and then.


So did it help me deep clean my brushes?
It was definitely fun to wash  my brushes, it did protect my hands from getting dry and irritated, it cleaned the brushes i used for powder stuff really quickly but it didnt work its magic on the brushes used for cream/liquids.

Think Pink for Spring


When spring comes i always think pink, not the bright, barbie pink kind of colors but more of the blushing natural pink. I always think that pink doesnt go well with my skintone since i have a warm one but it doesnt necessarily mean it wont look good. Sometimes it is kind of hard to find a perfect pink but luckily i have found one, or two!

The lipstick is by Maybelline which is called ColorSensational in 162 Feel Pink, the color is creamy and opaque, very suitable for morning and evening.

The blush is by L’Oreal in Rose Santal/Sandalwood Pink number 120. At the back it says that it is a (Rose blush for fair skintones) but it works perfectly well on mine. The blush is kind of powdery but it feels very soft once applied on the skin and it is not chalky at all unlike some light blushes that tend to be.

Illamasqua Haul and Review


I will talk a bit about some products i have purchased the last time i went shopping at Illamasqua which was about 2 months or more i am not sure, i have posted before about the brushes and lipstick and how good they are.

Illamasqua have launched more shades to the Skin Base foundation line, if you are familiar with the foundations you might experience this problem while choosing the right color, most of the time you wont find your exact shade, its either too yellow, or too pink, sometimes you will need to mix two shades to get the proper one. I even had this problem before, i couldnt find my exact shade so i went to the closest which is #9 but i think it is a bit yellow to my skintone. Illamasqua were aware of this problem and they launched extra colors to the line, colors that are mostly less yellow and less pink, so i went for #8.5 which is perfect for me.



As most people know, or hear, Illamasqua make the best blushes, they are very pigmented so you always have to make sure to apply as minimum as possible and build up the color if you need more. This time i picked Unrequited which is a blue based barbie pink, and Naked Rose which is a dusty rose. Both blushes are great and i love them both, i like using them with Illamasqua’s angled brush for application.

Naked Rose

Naked Rose


Left: Unrequited, Right: Naked Rose

Left: Unrequited, Right: Naked Rose

The eyeshadow collection is pretty basic, i have used creamy eyeshadows and loose pigments so this time i went for powder eyeshadows, i have chosen two highlighting colors, the pearly white is called Moonflower which i mostly use under the brow bone, the other champagne color which is my favorite is called Slink, this is such a beautiful color to be used under the brow bone, on the tear duct and also as a cheek bone highlighter. This color is so versatile and i am loving it.


Left: Slink, Right: Moonflower
Left: Slink, Right: Moonflower


In addition to those products, i have purchased a mascara, i believe it is the only one by Illamasqua and it is called Raven, i have posted about it before on my Instagram saying that it is my current favorite (in addition to Doll Eyes by Lancome). The mascara is super black, it volumizes and thickens the lashes in just one coat, the formula is a bit heavier than usual mascaras which i really like, and this will make it clump a bit, so make sure to apply it carefuly, not too many coats and/or brush your lashes with a clean spooley brush afterwards to get rid of the clumps.



Finally, i have also purchased an eyelash curler, i’ve been using it ever since i bought it and it is amazing. I have been using one by Shu Uemura which was amazing then i switched to MAC which was OK but it didnt give me great results like the Shu Uemura did, so this one by Illamasqua gave me almost the same curling results as the Shu Uemura one.




Climax by Illamasqua


This lipstick, which is called Climax, is one of my favorites by Illamasqua, they have a beautiful range of amazing lipcolors, i believe all of them are matte since all my lipstick i purchased from are all matte. Climax is a beautiful mauve that i like pairing with Naked Rose Blush, they go beautifully together. I am not a matching type of person between blush and lipstick but this blush is so beautiful and i love it more with this lipstick.




I love matte, it is my second favorite after the opaque creamy formulas, but Illamasqua went a bit far in defining matte since their lipsticks are too drying which annoys me, i can never wear their lipsticks alone, i always have to apply lip balm first, then the lipstick and i prefer afterwards to add a little bit of gloss. If i like to keep it matte then i have to make sure that the lipstick stays neats and not cracks on my lips!!

As for the blushes, Illamasqua make the best ones in market, they are super pigmented so becareful when you purchase a bright or dark color, make sure you use a small amount and tap any excess from the brush before applying it onto your cheeks.

I wish they change their formula a bit a make it a little more moisturizing.

Illamasqua is available in Dubai at: Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, a recently opened Illamasqua store at The Dubai Mall. It can also be found at Areej in Abu Dhabi.