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A new beginning..


I have been thinking about this for a while, but i didnt think that one day i will be doing it, honestly this new beginning is more for me than you “the reader”. I have been thinking alot of doing an actual blog and not “instagram” worthy kind of posts and pictures.

If i post and talk about makeup and beauty here, which i will of course, there will be no point of my instagram account, but the thing is i cannot write alot in instagram, people now dont like to read, they just want fancy pictures, maybe a short description, but i know myself, i need a page and a keyboard, and this space is all mine. I craved this blank page and the clicking of the keyboard, i want to post about the none-sense and silly stuff that happen everyday, yes this is supposed to be an everyday blog, i hope!

I dont know if am making sense here, but again this space is for me, not you! ok i am kidding, kind of!

Here is a fun picture of my baby girl Luna, my husband keeps calling her a “princess”. You know the tiktok videos of cat sitting in humanly way and someone says something like “hmmm what a distinguished cat”, this is exactly it!

The distinguished Lady Luna

Sneak peak! Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator


Hello again! This is a sneak peak of the long awaited illuminators by Anastasia Beverly hills, will post more soon.

مرحبا!! هاذي صورة سريعة للإضاءات الي طار انتظارهم من ماركة اناستازيا بيڤيرلي هيلز، وقريبا بنزل صور وتفاصيل اكثر عنهم.

Good to be Back


من فترة كنت أمر بمشلكة في المدونة يمكن سببه تحديث البرنامج ومن هل تحديث انه نزلت كومنتات ومع ذلك انا ماقريتها ولا سويت لها تصريح  والي ماجاوبت عليها تسمح لي لاني ماشفتهم نزولوا. المهم اني برجع اكمل نشاطي في البلوغ من بعد ماتصلحت المشكلة ولو اني اعرف انه المعظم يفضل الانستجرام بس المدونة تعطيني مجال أوسع اني احط تفاصيل من حيث الشرح والصورو ان شاء الله بنزل لكم اشيا حلوة قريبا.

I have been facing a problem with my blog in the last few months, i tried my best to post but there was something wrong and i couldnt edit the photos, probably it was because of the update of the software i am using, i dont know! anyways i hope this problem is solved by now cuz as you can see i have already uploaded few posts that i already posted on instagram before. hopefully i will be active again and the blog wont turn crazy on me again.

As for the comments that i didnt reply to i’m truly sorry, i didnt even have a notification that there are new comments they were posted here without my authorization and i didnt read them until recently.

Stay tuned with lots of good stuff!

My Current Foundation Routine


Wanted to show you what is my current favorite foundation routine, this is for an everyday normal look, i dont normally go heavy except for special occasions which i need more coverage.

Those are the products that i use for my foundation routine and in steps:

1. Apply Hourglass Veil primer, i love this one it doesnt feel thick and makes my skin smooth and preps it for foundation application.
2. Marc Jacobs foundation, what i love about it that it is sheer, it has a satin finish but goes a bit matte which is suitable for oily skin.
3. For concealer i apply MAC ProLongwear on my undereye area, blend it very well, this is a great product and will work great for people with serious dark areas. I sometimes alternate with NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in shade Biscuit, this shade is on the peach side which i like to use when i dont sleep well and that what causes more darkness on my undereye area.
4. I like to highlight my under eye area after applying concealer which i use MAC Prep+Prime Highlight in Light Boost, again this is a great product, comes in shades but Light Boost is perfect, it is a light yellow shades which gives a natural light, can be used on any area on the face to highlight.
5. For concealing any blemishes and imperfections on my skin i use MAC Studio Fix concealer directly on the spots, it gives enough coverage to conceal them.
6. Finally i powder my whole face and the undereye area with NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder, it blurs imperfections and doesnt show pores, plus it gives a glow to the skin, it has a bit of a shimmer but in a good way, i love this product it makes my skin look really nice and glowy.

If you are curious those are the brushes that i use to apply all those products (pic not included):
– For foundation i use Sigma F80, or Sigma F82, or Sigma F84,  all of them are perfect for applying foundations.
– For under eye concealer/highlight i use Sigma F86, i love the pointy shape which makes it easy to blend under the eyes.
– For concealing blemishes i use Sigma P80, or Sigma P82, those work like the foundation brushes which pack products and blend in a nice way but i always prefer to go back with my foundation brush and dab on the concealed area.
– For powdering my under eye area i prefer using Sigma F35 which is a small tapered brush, and for my face i use Sigma F25 which is a big tapered brush.


Quick and Easy Early Morning Makeup


Those are the products i used for an early morning makeup look, it is quick and very light, i didn’t use a lot of products but i like to prepare “the canvas” first which is my face, nothing is heavily done but it is important to me to hide any dark spots/blemishes and conceal the under eye area, i don’t want to look tired when i just woke up, and dark under eye area makes the face really worn out.

Of course before applying any makeup i wash my face and moisturize it and not forgetting the eye area, after that the makeup starts:

– Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream in shade light/medium all over the face.
– MAC Studio Fix Concealer on dark spots/blemishes only, i use shade NC35.
– NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer for the under eye area, i use the shade Biscuit and it is peachy which helps a lot in concealing and correcting serious dark under eye area.
– Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder over the concealer area only (product not in the picture).
– MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in shade Medium Plus.
– Sigma brow Duo powder in Medium for eyebrows, then i used Illamasqua clear Brow gel (not in picture).
– before using eyeshadow i applied NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (product not in the picture).
– Isa Dora top right eyeshadow only from the quad 20 Classic Brown all over lid, then Urban Decay Sellout on inner tear duct area and brow bone.
– Tom Ford Extreme mascara in Raven, curled my lashes before.
– Smashbox Halo blush in Warm Glow.
– NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Isola Bella.

Makeup of the Day


Those are the products i used to create a soft and natural look for summer, i didnt include every single item but those were the outstanding ones:

Foundation: Neutrogena Healthy Skin.
Eyeshadow Palette: She Wears It Well palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills.
Brow Palette: Bold and Beautiful Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills. (I believe this one is inspired by Anna Del Rey’s song Young and Beautiful which is a soundtrack for The Great Gatbsy movie).
Blush: Milani Up Coming Roses Powder Blush in Warm Petals.
Highlight: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light.
Lipstick: Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipstick in Pure.

The Perfect Lip Combo


Im loving bright color for lips and currently im enjoying this lip combo which is Please Me lipstick by MAC with a little bit of Candy Yum Yum also by MAC.

Candy Yum Yum is a gorgeous color by itself, its a very bright neon like pink but i am not afraid to use it, but i like to keep my lipstick reasonable when i go out but i still wanna use it, and then is when i created this lip combo, Candy Yum Yum will add just the perfect brightness to Please Me.

Both lipsticks are matte and MAC matte lipsticks are a bit drying so i always apply a lip balm before applying lipstick.


Olay BB Cream


Just saw this ad in a magazine, Olay recently launched a BB Cream and as described “with a touch of MAX FACTOR Foundation”.

My skin doesnt go well with OLAY products so i am skipping this one. Throughout the years i tried many products and everytime i use one it breaks out my skin, even when i heard about their “award winning” Regenerist anti aging line i went and bought it but i never learned from my lesson and it broke out my skin really bad.