New Makeup Organizers


I recently got those acrylic cases for storage, you can use them for anything and i see them perfect for my makeup, i am glad that i have found something to make me clearly see all my lipsticks, but it is already full so i will definitely need another one. I also got a bunch of holders for my brushes, i wished i got more because i really have alot and i like to divide them in a certain way.



I got a smaller divided organizer for my glosses, i used to keep them in a tools box but it is already full and cannot close it anymore, plus i couldnt see all my glosses before, i like to keep them standing properly and not unlike some who like to put them upside down to see the color because the gloss will leak out of the bottle/tube, it is safer to keep them this way.

I got those acrylic cases from Muji at The Dubai Mall, it is recently opened and they sell almost anything like clothes, shoes, stationary, storage boxes, and many usefull lifestyle items.

Illamasqua Haul and Review


I will talk a bit about some products i have purchased the last time i went shopping at Illamasqua which was about 2 months or more i am not sure, i have posted before about the brushes and lipstick and how good they are.

Illamasqua have launched more shades to the Skin Base foundation line, if you are familiar with the foundations you might experience this problem while choosing the right color, most of the time you wont find your exact shade, its either too yellow, or too pink, sometimes you will need to mix two shades to get the proper one. I even had this problem before, i couldnt find my exact shade so i went to the closest which is #9 but i think it is a bit yellow to my skintone. Illamasqua were aware of this problem and they launched extra colors to the line, colors that are mostly less yellow and less pink, so i went for #8.5 which is perfect for me.



As most people know, or hear, Illamasqua make the best blushes, they are very pigmented so you always have to make sure to apply as minimum as possible and build up the color if you need more. This time i picked Unrequited which is a blue based barbie pink, and Naked Rose which is a dusty rose. Both blushes are great and i love them both, i like using them with Illamasqua’s angled brush for application.

Naked Rose

Naked Rose


Left: Unrequited, Right: Naked Rose

Left: Unrequited, Right: Naked Rose

The eyeshadow collection is pretty basic, i have used creamy eyeshadows and loose pigments so this time i went for powder eyeshadows, i have chosen two highlighting colors, the pearly white is called Moonflower which i mostly use under the brow bone, the other champagne color which is my favorite is called Slink, this is such a beautiful color to be used under the brow bone, on the tear duct and also as a cheek bone highlighter. This color is so versatile and i am loving it.


Left: Slink, Right: Moonflower
Left: Slink, Right: Moonflower


In addition to those products, i have purchased a mascara, i believe it is the only one by Illamasqua and it is called Raven, i have posted about it before on my Instagram saying that it is my current favorite (in addition to Doll Eyes by Lancome). The mascara is super black, it volumizes and thickens the lashes in just one coat, the formula is a bit heavier than usual mascaras which i really like, and this will make it clump a bit, so make sure to apply it carefuly, not too many coats and/or brush your lashes with a clean spooley brush afterwards to get rid of the clumps.



Finally, i have also purchased an eyelash curler, i’ve been using it ever since i bought it and it is amazing. I have been using one by Shu Uemura which was amazing then i switched to MAC which was OK but it didnt give me great results like the Shu Uemura did, so this one by Illamasqua gave me almost the same curling results as the Shu Uemura one.




Climax by Illamasqua


This lipstick, which is called Climax, is one of my favorites by Illamasqua, they have a beautiful range of amazing lipcolors, i believe all of them are matte since all my lipstick i purchased from are all matte. Climax is a beautiful mauve that i like pairing with Naked Rose Blush, they go beautifully together. I am not a matching type of person between blush and lipstick but this blush is so beautiful and i love it more with this lipstick.




I love matte, it is my second favorite after the opaque creamy formulas, but Illamasqua went a bit far in defining matte since their lipsticks are too drying which annoys me, i can never wear their lipsticks alone, i always have to apply lip balm first, then the lipstick and i prefer afterwards to add a little bit of gloss. If i like to keep it matte then i have to make sure that the lipstick stays neats and not cracks on my lips!!

As for the blushes, Illamasqua make the best ones in market, they are super pigmented so becareful when you purchase a bright or dark color, make sure you use a small amount and tap any excess from the brush before applying it onto your cheeks.

I wish they change their formula a bit a make it a little more moisturizing.

Illamasqua is available in Dubai at: Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, a recently opened Illamasqua store at The Dubai Mall. It can also be found at Areej in Abu Dhabi.


Latest Drugstore Makeup Purchase


I am not a drugstore makeup girl but i cannot say that i dont buy from time to time, its not that they are of lower quality but i think it is more of a habbit, in addition i feel that our stores dont pay alot of attention to those brands and dont care much of restocking whatever is out of stock, and not bringing what’s latest.

Anyways, this is what i recently bought from a store at Delma Mall called Exquisite, it is a small store that sell drugstore cosmetics, perfumes and some hair accessories. I actually went twice, the first time i got the bigger haul and the second time the other three products.


Makeup Brushes by Illamasqua


I am not sure if Illamasqua counters in the UAE had brushes before, i’ve shopped several times there and i’ve never seen them on display non the sellers “convinced” me to buy them, so it might or might not be available before, but they are definitely available now.

I love makeup brushes, and adding more to my brush collection wont do any harm since i always use them, and i tend to get lazy to clean them so i switch to other clean ones, so having extra clean brushes is always a good idea.

I always prefer natural animal hair because it is truly soft on the skin and they are always the best, but Illamasqua are “cruelty-free” and their brushes are made of synthetic hairs, they are not as soft as the natural hairs but still i was amazed by them, i even feel comfortable using the powder/blush brushes on my skin, and this is not surprise since they are “hypoallergenic“, meaning they dont cause an allergic reaction and suitable for all skin types.

All the brushes come in black color even the handles and have an Illamasqua stamp only without a name or numberĀ  which makes it a bit confusing, the names were only labeled on the packaging. I will have to label them myself to know exactly how Illamasqua name and define them.

Regarding prices, they are somehow pricey and close to MAC pricing, but the brush collection isnt that big so it wasnt a problem buying most of them, i only left few which i will definitely buy later.

I threw away all the labeling thinking i learnt them by heart and let me try and guess what brushes i have :p, anyways as you can see the brushes come in black from head o toe, no name or number just the Illamasqua stamp on the bottom of the handle, the top brush is the blush brush but i use it to powder my face, its not too big as a regular powder brush and not small as the blush brush which gives me the perfect control to powder my face. The brush below is the angled blush brush, i believe there were two angled brushes, ones is for contouring and the other is for blush, i think i am bit confused and dont know which one i got.


Here is a close up photo on how the brushes look like, the blush brush is a bit long and rounded on top and as i said before makes it perfect to powder my face, the other angled one i use for blushers and it is flat and angled, a bit weird since i always use puffy angled brushed for the blushes.

Those are the three eye brushes, the one on top is a flat eyeshadow brush, the one in the middle is a fluffy blending brush a bit small for blending but i like to use it to define and blend the crease area. The below brush is a highlighting brush but i like to use it to powder on top of the concealer area, the size is perfect for it.

This is a close up picture for the brushes i mentioned before, see the difference in sizes between the highlight and blending brush, and as you can see the bristles of all three brushes are a bit longer than MAC and Sigma brushes, they are more like MAC 224 and Sigma E40 when it comes to their length.

Those are the last two brushes i got from Illamasqua, the one on top is an angled brush, this one is a multi use brush, you can use it to apply eyeshadow as a liner or you can use it to apply gel liner which i mostly prefer and use it to refill your eyebrows. The lower brush is a very thin liner brush that i dont think i have ever seen before in another brand and correct me if i am wrong, this brush makes the thinnest eyeliner line.

Here is a close up of the two brushes, i just realized the focus isnt clear here on the fine eye liner brush but you will know exactly how fine it is onceĀ  you see it in real.

The fine liner brush comes with a cover which makes it perfect to put inside the makeup bag without making a mess just like a lip brush.

You can see here how fine the eyeliner brush is, and you will be amazed once you see it in reality, i like using this brush to draw a very thin eyeliner without winging it out, just to give more depth to the make up look, sometimes the eye looks bare without black line and sometimes i feel adding a black line will look too much for the look so this is perfect just to line the upper lash line.

Illamasqua counters are available in Abu Dhabi at Areej-Marina Mall, Dubai at Bloomingdales-The Dubai Mall, and Harvey Nichols at Mall of the Emirates, a new store will open soon also at The Dubai Mall.

Candelight Glow Highlighing Powder Duo


Candlelight Glow is a highlighting powder duo from Too Faced that i absolutely love, it has one pearl side and the other is light pink with a cute chandelier emboss in the middle which caught my eyes at first, Too Faced has alot of cute and girly stuff packaging which i absolutely love.






The highlighting powder duo can be used each side alone or blended together which i mostly prefer, or i only use the white/pearl side, i dont like to use the pink side only.

Too Faced can be found at Sephora Stores.