My Picks: MAC Heavenly Creatures Collection

MAC recently launched Heavenly Creatures Collection in Abu Dhabi MAC stores, the collection is all about Mineralize skinfinishes, eyeshadows,  blushes, Cremesheen Glasses, lipsticks , brushes and a mascara, in addition to Mineralize skincare line.

Those are my picks from the collection:

Mineralize Skinfinish: Star Wonder

This is the only Mineralize Skinfinish that i liked from the collection, the rest where either too light, too dark or too shimmery. This one is a bit shimmery to my taste but the color is really beautiful, and as you can see from the swirly colors you can never guess what kind of colors result you will get from the mix, same thing goes to the blush and eyeshadows. The color payoff is way lighter than it shows in the packages and since the gold is a dominant you will have alot of gold shimmer mixed with pink.
My rate: 4/10

Mineralize Blush: Ring of Saturn

Again this is the only blush i liked, there are other nice colors but i wanted to pick something different, the blush has only 2 color combos, but the color payoff is more of the lighter shade in the package. Still it is not too light, it is more suitable to be used as a “blush” than Star Wonder (Mineralize Skinfinish).
My rate: 6/10

I also got 5 eyeshadows from the collection which are:


This might be my most favored color in the eyeshadows that i have from the collection, the color mix gives a pearly light maron/brown shade, the colors are always lighter than what you will expect, they seem more darker in the package, and as you know they can also be used wet which will make the color more darker and that’s the way i prefer using it.
My rate: 8/10


I know that i already said that Aurora might be my most favored color but this one is also beautiful, the kind i like using all the time. You can hardly guess what kind of color you will get from the mix and this ones gives a taupe-y color which is my favorite color for eyeshadow. Always make sure to swirl the brush over all colors to get the right mix, but if you just kept the brush over one or two colors you might either have a very light or very dark color, depending on what shade you put your brush on.
My rate: 8/10

Universal Appeal:

First of all i would like to say that i like this name, it sounds bigger than an eyeshadow 😀 Again the color looks much more darker in the package! But it gives a beautiful goldy purple, the kind that you wont be afraid of using everyday. It reminds me a bit of Vex eyeshadow also from MAC, Vex might be a bit darker, i am doing my swatches at night under the natural room’s light which i hate.
My rate: 7/10

Neo Nebula:

I dont think i will ever remember this name, it sounds very hard on my tongue :-s Anyways, i hate this color mix, i have no idea why i bought it, i knew from the mix in the package what kind of result i would get because i already have a similar eyeshadow with an almost the same color result, and i was right when i swatched it, if i swatched it properly in store i dont think i would buy it. It is a very shimmery pearl pink, it looks really pretty under strong light but it might look a bit chalky and too shimmery on the eyes, i have to be careful how and when to use it.
My rate: 4/10


I thought a million times whether to buy this color or leave it, i am not a blue nor green eyeshadow kind of person, and what i already have is hardly touched, i dont use them much but i do sometimes, and when i do i always regret, those two colors seem not to like me either! But this color mix is appealing to me, i dont think i will ever use it on my eyelids but i thought that maybe, again i say maybe, i will use it to underline my lower lash line. It was just a thought when i saw the color, will see about it!
My rate: 4/10

I also got 2 Cremesheen Glasses, i remember i promised myself last year not to buy more lipglosses because i already have much which i barely use, i was so addicted to lipglosses in my earlier years of makeup but then i stop liking them, they dont last as longer as lipsticks plus the sticky feeling isnt nice! I dont go over board now when i buy glosses, i only buy when i really do like them, and those two colors are really pretty, but the problem with Cremesheen Glasses that they dont last long, i have to keep on reapplying every hour which is annoying.
I got Meteoric which is a coral color with shimmer, and Strictly Plutonic which is a very gorgeous pink brown color.
My rate on both colors: 5/10 (even though i like the colors but i rate low because they dont last long).

And i got one lipstick which i wanted for so long that was already launched in a previous collection, that is Cut A Caper, which is a pink coral that has lustre finish which i dont like because i will hardly have a color unless i apply it like a million coats but i still wanted it. The color isnt new nor unique.
My rate: 5/10

Easy Eyeliner


Do you have difficulty in drawing a neat eyeliner? i found an easy way to do it.

The easiest way to do it, especially for people who are not used to the eyeliner pen/wand and find it difficult to draw  a proper line, is to use the gel liner. You can go for MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, and use an angled brush, i prefer Sigma E65 because it is very small and gives me more control in drawing the line.

Start with the middle of the eye and outwards, here you are supposed to draw a thin line and go slightly thicker outwards, always use small strokes, dont draw one line from the beginning to the end because alot cannot perfect it. Concentrate on the line you are drawing and with each stroke/line you draw open your eyes to check in the mirror if your line is good or not.Once you finished the first part you can start drawing small strokes from the inside of your eyes until the middle where you first started, keep on stroking above the line to perfectly connect them.

Just in case you felt that you did something wrong always clean the area with a Q-tip, the faster you do it the more cleaner you can get it, if you kept it for a while the gel liner will dry and it will be difficult to remove it except with a makeup remover, which in this case you dont want to use so you wont have to mess your already applied makeup/eyeshadow.

It might sound a bit difficult and takes time while i explain it but it me it is more neat than applying it with a pen/liner. It is very easy and will take no time once you get used to it.

FibreLash Brush on False Lashes

FibreLash by Model Co. created this mascara kit to create a flase lash effect in few minutes, the kit has two wands, one is an actual mascara and the other smaller one has fibre.

How it works?
First apply one coat of mascara, then wait few seconds until it dries to apply the fibre coat. Also wait few seconds for the fibre to settle on the lashes then apply a generous coat of the mascara. For more voluminous look keep on adding the fibre coat then mascara over.

What i think about it?
The first time i used it my eyes were very irritated from the fibre coat, i hated this because i have a really sensitive eyes and anything can irritate them. I only didnt the fibre coat ones so i didnt see anything significant about it, any normal-really-good mascara can do better without the hassle of the fibre coat. I started to like it later on not because it really worked as lash extension, it didnt reach this far, but it is really a good mascara who wants a voluminous eyes.

There is one thing annoyed me and i dont know if anyone faced the same thing, after applying the mascara i have to make sure to keep my eyes wide open until everything is really dry otherwise my upper and lower lashes will start sticking and tangling with each other, that’s not a nice feeling at all!

You can order FibreLash from and it costs $50 + $10 for delivery in the UAE.


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Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

Personally i prefer a body moisturizer that keeps my skin soft and smooth from the time i take my shower until the next one, i don’t like to keep on applying a lotion or a cream every now and then just to keep my soft as soft and smooth as it when i take my shower. That’s why i prefer using body oils immediately after taking my shower, the ones that i apply on a wet skin and then dry it with a towel, this way i can feel my skin gets hydrated from the inside and the product wont get washed away during the day.

My latest obsession is Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner from LUSH, this “body conditioner” works like a hair conditioner, to apply it in the shower on a wet skin, leave it for a couple of minutes then wash it out. This product is really great, it makes my skin really smooth and hydrated, i love the smell of all the mixed oils, so it is not only Argan which is well known if its healing and hydrating qualities.

The jar is a bit small for a daily use, i tried my best not to finish it so fast and it lasted more than i expected but still i need more product in a jar. I already finished my first and i am definitely getting a second.


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush are infused with Amazonian Clay which is a perfect ingredient to nurture and nourish the skin for a flawless finish that last around 12 hours!
Again i dont like the idea of advertising for a product that lasts more than 8 hours, i wont wear makeup more than that only if i went out from 8 am and went back by 8 pm!! This is insane right!! Plus we always have to do touch ups every now and then. I like to keep my makeup fresh and neat all day.

“This blush is suitable for all skintypes: Oily Skin: Amazonian Clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place. Dry Skin: Amazonian Clay hydrates skin naturally to restore moisture so your blush wears better & longer. Dull Skin: Amazonian Clay improves the appearance of skin clarity and skin texture. Combination Skin: Amazonian Clay is completely intuitive, give skin an overall smooth & even appearance.”

The Golden Phoenix

The Golden Phoenix is the most expensive edible cupcake in the world made by Bloomsbury. The most expensive edible cupcake was revealed at the Bloomsbury cupcake boutique in The Dubai Mall with a presentation that costed AED 100,000.

The 23 carat gold coated cupcake costs AED 3,700/- but this price is not for the cupcake itself but also what surrounds it which are also covered in gold. Will you spend this much on a cupcake? Or will you split the bill between your besties?

The cupcake is available upon order.

Watch a video of the making of The Golden Phoenix

Makeup staples, Currently Obsessed With

This is one product i couldnt keep it to myself, i love it so much that i wanted to share with you. All of you know already that i am a big sucker for MAC products, i dont love everything about it but i know it is almost the best brand in market, i mean i love other brands just not everything about it, it is always a couple of lipsticks, or a mascara, but not the whole line! but this is not the case with MAC.

Anyways, sometimes i have a certain product, i keep using it on and off, but sometimes i really appreciate it more than ever for no apparent reason and right now this product is Velvet Teddy lipstick by MAC, it is a brownish color with a matte finish, i always prefer matte colors in the winter, and by the look at it it is a wintery color, but i just cant stop wearing it every single day. This is a staple in my vanity.

Photo source: temptalia

Another MAC product that i cannot live without and matches perfectly with Velvet Teddy is a lipliner called Boldly Bare, i can almost wear it with any lipstick color. This is another staple in my vanity.

The POREfessional by Benefit

This is a must have product for every girl who has open pores and oily skin, especially the ones struggling with the T-Zone area of excess oils. This products which clearly says “PORE” not only minimizes the size of large pores but also control the oil in the T-Zone area of wherever area you think you’re struggling with. Any girl with an oily/combination skin knows how annoying to have open pores and oil excess, it ruins the makeup and makes the face super shiny, let alone the ugly sight of open pores which alot might suffer who have oily/combination skin.

How to use it? Very simple, you can either use it before your foundation routin or after, or both! The product is oil free and colorless so dont be afraid of adding it on top of your makeup.


Hello Flawless by Benefit


First thing, i would like to thank everyone who commented on my website and emailed me asking for something or just admiring m website, this really makes me happy and i really appreciate it, i feel happy knowing that people appreciate and like what i do. So Thank you so much!! You really make my day and i hope i see it more often!

So i have been dying to get this product since i first heard about it, somehow i felt it in my guts that this will be a really good product, probably because it has “Oxygen” word on the packaging! LOL makes me think it is all good and healthy! and another reason that lately i started to appreciate this brand alot, much more than before. They are trying to improve their products and you can see that they are doing a really good effort, which is why they are now making really good ones.

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation:
This is an oil free foundation that gives light to medium coverage, the texture is very smooth and blends well into the skin, it has a UV protection and SPF25. The foundation is hydrating and makes the skin looks luminous which is why i love this foundation, its not only keep my skin oil free but also it makes it healthy glowy. When a foundation comes out with all those factors and without breaking my skin it comes my best friend.

The packaging is really cute, makes me wanna look at it all day, i love the pump and once pumped it gives a good amount of product, its not too much or too little, one pump is enough. The formula is a bit runny, very light on the skin and blends very well. It feel kind of matte once applied but after working it into the skin you can see the luminous effect.

The packaging also include a sample of PoreFessional, a review about it is coming afterwards.

Hello Flawless Powder:
This compact powder compliments the foundation, the texture is smooth, not drying at all with an SPF 15. The color matches perfectly with the foundation. The packaging is as cute as the foundation, it also has two application, one brush and one sponge.
I always thought to myself, brands should always make a powder for their foundations, not a general setting or loose powder, but a powder that comes with almost the same specifications/color as the foundation itself, i was happy when i saw this one along with the foundation and didnt hesitate a bit to buy it.