Garnier BB Cream

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream is “All-in-one skin care that gives 5 benefits: Hydrates, corrects wrinkles and imperfections, protects with SPF 15, evens and brightens skin tone.”

I got the Medium shade, the texture is very creamy, heavy and a bit greasy, so a little amount will do just good, any extra will make the face look too shiny. It feels more like a tinted moisturizer and the best way i like to wear it is when i am at home and dont want to wear makeup, so i wear the BB Cream and concealer on my undereyes dark area with Garnier Instant Fairness Tinted Eye Roll On.

As a BB cream it has the same common problem of not having too many shades, this one only comes in Light and Medium.

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Beats by Dr. Dre

“People aren’t hearing all the music.

Artists and producers work hard in the studio perfecting their sound. But people can’t really hear it with normal headphones. Most headphones can’t handle the bass, the detail, the dynamics. Bottom line, the music doesn’t move you.

With Beats, people are going to hear what the artists hear, and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do.”

Those words were said by Dr. Dre (rapper and record producer) who created Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, i got a red one from the Studio Series and it is amazing!! The headphones are kind of expensive, but who ever really loves listening to music then they are so worth it!

The headphones work better with loud music, pop, rock, hard metal and so on, they dont work good with symphonies and music pieces, there will be a kind of static noise in the background. The music is extremely loud, the person next to you will clearly listen to what you’re listening, and the noise will be even heard across the room, so this is not the typical headphone you will be using if you dont want other to hear the noise.

Beats by Dr. Dre available at Virgin Stores.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

My friend first told me about this foundation that she read it somewhere in a beauty/fashion blog and how good it is, so she told me to try it to let her know what i think, if its good or not, so she can decide if she wants to buy it, or not!! hehe funny, but i didnt mind at all because i love trying new things and i was in the hunt for a new foundation.

The foundation claims to boost radiance by 70% through its fruit “therapy” ingredients (apricot, melon, ginger and apple), and it lasts up to 16 hours! which i think this is an extreme, i wont look for a foundation that would last for 16 hours! this means that i will wear the foundation by 8 am and remove it by 12 am!!

Anyways, this is a very light weight foundation, very smooth and easy to glide and blend into the skin, the coverage is light to medium, and it can be built up into medium but not more than this, i loved its texture, its very light and so easy to work with, it mixes well with the skin and it takes no time to get it done.

The only thing about this foundation that it oxidizes in no time, “oxidization” happens when the foundation/powder interacts with the natural skin oils that will turn the foundation into a darker shade or sometimes orange. This can be avoided by wearing a primer first, so my advice for oily/combination skin people to wear a primer to prevent the foundation from oxidization.

There are many good foundation primers such as Makeup Forever, Too Faced and my top favorite Laura Mercier (available for UAE at SugarDust).

MAC Blush in Pink Cult


Pink Cult blush is part of the Reel Sexy collection that will be launching soon in Abu Dhabi (Tuesday 29, 2012). It is a cool toned pink, it looks pretty light in the package, like it only suits fair skined girls but once you swatch it you will get amazed on how much color you will get. It is a very pretty color, the kind of pink that you feel comfortable wearing with any look.

Personally, i am not the kind of girl who wear pink on her cheeks and lips that often, i would rather go for the warmer/peachy tones because i know they look better on me. This color is different, maybe because a yellow undertone instead of blue which makes it more wearable on me.

Review: The Paris Palette by Sigma Beauty

The Paris Palette is a limited edition by Sigma Beauty that has 8 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 highlight and 2 brushes. The palette is obviously inspired by Paris monuments and places which the eyeshadows are named after. What’s interesting is that some of our favorite beauty gurus, which are 7, participated in developing this palette. Each one took a place or a monument and inspired an eyeshadow color from it, very interesting and i loved the idea!!

The palette costs $59 from Sigma Beauty website but you can have %10 off if you used some discount codes like FRMHEADTOTOE and TIFFANYD when you check out, the beauty gurus who participated in this palette are offering these discounts.

Now i will give a review about each and every color and what i think about them:

Eiffel eyeshadow:(developed by Tiffany  MakeupbyTiffanyD) This color is black with multicolor sparkle, I dont see the color as black as it is, it is more of dark blue once it is swatched and maybe it is because of the multicolor sparkles effect, i believe it will look darker once you build it up. I am not a big fan of black eyeshadows let alone that comes with sparkle so i dont like this color that much, my use of black is very minimal but i am sure a time will come to use this color.

Seine eyeshadow: (developed by all) This is a metallic dark blue, the color is gorgeous and the metallic effect makes it more beautiful, the pigmentation is really good so you will not have a difficult time building the color, the texture is very smooth, i dont like blue shades but this one is really gorgeous.

Louvre eyeshadow: (developed by Josh  Petrilude) This one is a matte dark turquoise color, the color is a bit chalky when i swatch it, the color looks better on the plate than on my hand, Seine shade is more wearable than Louvre, and again i dont like blue shades and this one is on the rarely used category.

Orsay eyeshadow: (developed by Suzy  MacNC40) This is a very interesting color, light turquoise with silver sparkles, amazingly this color reminds me of mermaids and i dont know why! The sparkles pop out and catches the eye more than the color itself, like i have swatched the eyeshadow alone and added sparkle on top, this is not nice effect at all, the 2 combinations are not flatteringly blended.

Elysées eyeshadow: (developed by Dulce  DulceCandy87) This is such a gorgeous color, a dark velvety plum color with what it seems like golden sparkles, the combination is well blended and the color pops more than the sparkle which makes it very wearable. The texture is velvety and the color is fairly pigmented.

Notre Dame eyeshadow: (developed by Christine  xteeener) Could this be my favorite color? Possibly!! This is a metallic taupe, very gorgeous color, this is a color i can wear on all over my lid, i love such colors and they always end up being my favorite. I cant really tell if there is any sparkle in it, but the color looks pretty metallic to me. The texture is very velvety and pigmented, one of my favorite in this palette.

Triomphe eyeshadow: (developed by Jen frmheadtotoe) I just realized that i didnt write about this color while swatching it so here i am writing about it, i dont know why i missed it the first time, this color is absolutely gorgeous, the colors is a metallic olive green brown color which by the way isnt new to me, i have a loose powder eyeshadow that has almost the same shade from Scott Barnes and its one of my top favorites. The color isnt as dark as it looks in the palette, i believe that the Elysees, Notre Dame and Triomphe are my favorites in this palette.

Versailles eyeshadow: (developed by Leesha xsparkage) This is a goldish white shimmer, gives a beautiful reflect but it looks a bit chalky when i swatch it, i thought the color will be more velvety from where i see it in the palette. It looks like there are kind of gold flakes that dont stick on the color, some mini bits are flying when i swatch it. I am trying to love this color, i just wished if it was more velvety then it will be gorgeous.

This is a swatched on arm picture i got from Head to Toe which is one of who participated in the Paris Palette:

Rouge blush: a very beautiful matte plum blush, this color is indeed versatile and will look good on every skin tone, but i am not a big fan of plum blushes because some of them tend to look like bruises on the cheeks if it wasnt worn properly.

Péche blush: This is a soft peach velvety matte color blush, it is very beautiful and compliments all skin tones just like Rouge, this is very easy to wear and it wont look bad if you added more on your cheeks. This is definitely my favorite blush in the palette, i tend to like the orange/peachy blush shades more and mainly because they look better on my skin.

Lumiére highlight: now this is a very interesting color, when i first swatched it didnt seem to give me any color, but when i add more it gives a beautiful glow, the kind of color that makes the skin looks glowing and not shimmery. The color on the palette looks a bit darker than swatched, like it has a pinkish tone but it doesnt.

MAC Iridescent Powder/Loose in Golden Bronze

I’ve had this product for so many years, it is really beautiful and i have no idea why i haven’t kept using it, but let me be honest to myself, i have so many products i tend to forget and neglect the older ones.

This loose powder is very shimmery and gold, so dont use alot of product unless you want to. I like to wear it to make my face look beautifully tanned if i didnt have a tan, it can also accentuate a tanned skin. Just use a very, and i mean VERY small amount of the product by slightly dipping the tip of a fluffy brush into the product, better dip it in the cap if it has any product and tap away any excess then buff it on your skin. You will instantly see your skin glowing and slightly tanned without feeling that there is something streaking gold on your face.