If You Could See Me Now

This book just came into my mind out of the blue, i have read the book almost 3 years ago, i wasnt into the sci-fi books back them but this one was my second after reading The Twilight Saga. The book is by the Irish author Cecelia Ahern about a little boy who lives with his aunt and has an imaginary friend and his aunt start seeing him (which you know only kids are supposed to see such imaginary friends), i wont ruin the story but the book is worth reading, it is one of the best books i have read, i still cannot get the story out of my head.

The Paris Palette

Sigma Beauty launched the limited edition palette called The Paris Palette which is the work of 8 beauty gurus which went on a trip to Paris and got all the inspiration from there, each beauty guru got to develop a color from a specific place or monument and came up with this beautiful palette. The palette has 8 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 highlight and 2 brushes.

My Picks from MAC Vera Collection

Vera Collection was launched almost two weeks ago and i was thrilled to get the two face powders which come in very cute design with the little bug on the side (which btw freaks me out sometimes). The colors are very summery and light, they are not as pigmented as it shows in the packaging, the highlight part is pretty intense so if you have them you better be careful not to use alot of the highlight on your cheeks, so make sure to dab your brush more on the upper part where the darker colors are. You can also swirl your brush all over the powder but getting the highlight mixed with the darker colors will only make the result look lighter.

Even thought the color of the nailpolish is absolutely gorgeous but i was very disappointed with the pigmentation, i wore like 4 coats and it still didnt look as opaque as i wanted it to be. Regarding the Pearlglide intense eyeliner, well there is no question about its intensity and how smoothly it glides, i love the little glittery stuff in there which makes it more beautiful.


MAC Viva Glam Nicki & Ricky

MAC created the VIVA GLAM to raise funds to promote AIDS/HIV awareness. “Every cent from the sale goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.”

This time the collaboration is with the hip hop star Nicki Minaj that created a beautiful vibrant coralish pink lipstick in addition to her signature on the inside of the lipstick’s packaging, and with the pop singer Ricky Martin to have his signature on MAC’s  lip conditioner.

The lipstick is really vibrant, might be daring to some girls but it is absolutely beautiful, the finishing is described as Satin that goes more into the Matte finish and maybe that’s why i love the lipstick more, i have difficulty in feeling comfortable wearing such a daring vibrant color but because it is a bit matte it makes it more subtle. I have found that the color finish looks more “neat” when i fix it with a lip brush at the end.

The lip conditioner tube is from the permanent line, i have used a tube before and the Ricky Martin’s one is my second, i am known to my addiction to lip conditioner and this one is really good. The texture is very soft and slippery which some people find it annoying, that’s why i prefer wearing it during the day time and apply more thicker formula by night.

My Picks from Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection

I know it is kind of late to be posting, i have no idea why i didnt post it before, i have been missing alot of things lately and cannot keep my posts in order, but better late than sorry!! Right 😀

I got two eyeshadow quads, 1 creme blush, 3 lipsticks and 1 nailpolish. The collection is very colorful and beautiful but the colors werent as unique as i expected it to be.

MAC Vera Collection

MAC launched Vera collection two days ago, the collection has 3 crushed metallic pigments, 2 nail lacquer, 6 pearlglide intense eyeliners, 5 plushglasses and 2 pearlmatte face powders. All of them are limited editions and some are repromotes.

I wasnt very impressed with the collection, i dont use lipgloss, i hate crushed metallic pigments, the nailpolishes are not opaque even though the colors are really nice. But what caught my eyes are the Pearlmatte Face Powders, what i liked about them that they are not as the regular face powders that almost do nothing, these are more like blushes, ones comes in pink shades and the other in orange shades. The Pearlglide intense eye liners are gorgeous too.

And i just felt like i have to say this, if you are still interested in the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection, MAC store at AD Mall restocked it! I saw a drawer full of the collection.