Hervana Blush by Benefit Cosmetics

I believe alot were waiting for the launch of Hervana blush, it is really gorgeous with its whimsical design inside, i love most of Benefit‘s playful designs in packaging and the blush usually come in boxes with a small blush brush that i never use LOL.

The Hervana blush has 4 different colors (lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose and berry delight) that described to “blend together perfectly to lift your look to cloud 9.” How cute!!

I prefer to use a stippling brush MAC 187 (which in my opinion is better than Sigma’s F50) to apply the blush. The color is fairly light and it might not show on darker skintones, probably it will look more as a highlighter.


MAXFACTOR Color Elixir lipstick in Maroon Dust is my current favorite , suitable for everyday wear. It is a light peachy beige creamy lipstick that goes a little bit matte after a time of wear.

I.C.O.N. Cure Replenishing Spray

In the past couple of months i have been using some hair products by I.C.O.N. and i absolutely loved this hair spray, this one is from the Cure line that is especially made for breast cancer donation, you can easily tell by the design of the bottle with the pink ribbon. This hair spray is a leave-in spray conditioner to help moisturizer the hair and strengthen tired and unruly hair.

Why i use a leave-in spray conditioner?
Well first of all, this leave-in treatment isn’t like the others i have used, most of them actually make my hair dry, but since this is a spray conditioner then it is supposed to act like a hair conditioner and soften the hair. This product is perfect for very dry hair and the one that has been under sever chemical treatment, which is my case. I used to have a very oily hair but from the excessive use of hair colors and bleaches the hair breaks and gets really dry. I spray this treatment on my hair immediately after shower and again whenever i feel my hair lacks moisture. I try to avoid the roots area so i wont have oil excess, but this doesnt mean it makes my hair greasy, not at all, it just adds extra moisture to it.

You can find this products at beauty salons.

Origins VitaZing SPF15

This is one of the best products that i have been using lately, well not lately but in the past 2 years and i loved it. I appreciate the not-so-common products to be in my almost daily routine, i don’t use this cream every single day but i always make sure it is always available on my vanity and when i travel or spend the weekend in another city.

The VitaZing is an energy boosting moisturizer with Mangosteen, means it is rich of vitamins which awakens the skin and makes it alive and vibrant, so it is most suitable to be used in the mornings and not nights, with the added SPF15 it protects the skin. Not only this!! But the cream itself has these little tiny brownish sandy like grains, so when you first apply it on the skin it immediately feels like you are going to scrub your skin, but amazingly those little brownish grains melt and you wont even feel them, but they will add a hint of color to your skin, so this product not only moisturizes and protects your skin but also works as a tinted moisturizer.Amazing huh! No wonder this is my second tube.

Now there are three bad things about this product, first it smells weird, kind of bad, i am not sure how i describe it, but i remember the first time i used it i immediately thought it is made of Fenugreek (is the name correct? Its is 7elba in arabic)! The second bad thing that it is not sold in the UAE and as far as i know not even in the Middle East(please correct me if i am wrong), so if you are lucky enough to be living or traveling abroad anytime soon then better stock it!! The third bad thing might not worth mentioning but the tube gets dirty so easily and it annoys me, i light my things to look clean and shiny but this one doesn’t, you can obviously see it in the photo and this is the new tube that i just opened a week ago, but i put it once in my handbag.

MAC Lightful Hydro-Charged Moisturizer Hydratant SPF30/PA++

I am not sure how i bought this product, i think the sales lady got confused with the new Lightful collection and gave me from the old one instead, i wasnt in store anyways so i couldnt tell what really happened. Anyways, this is the Hydro-Charged Moisturizer Hydratant with SPF30/PA++, it is a kind of thick white cream that works as a sunscreen and will brighten up your skin. The cream color is white and has a tiny bit of blue light, and i guess this blue reflection is the one that causes the brightness ones we apply it.

This cream isnt moisturizing enough, you have to moisturize your skin first with whatever face moisturizer you use, wait a while until your skin aborbs it and then apply the Hydro-Charged on top.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil

Since i became pregnant and i became a sucker for Palmer’s products, the brand is especially made for pregnant women to help them go through a smooth pregnancy with soft skin and minimize the appearance of stretch marks of not prevent them. Palmer’s is well known if its Cocoa and Shea butter products, they are very moisturizing and highly recommend it for people who have really dry and difficult skin.

Anyways, i have been using this body oil for the last 2 months and absolutely love it, it is kind of similar to Johnson’s baby oil where you apply it all over the body while its wet after taking a shower then dry it with a towel, i dont really like Johnson’s that much now because i feel it is kind of hot on the skin during the summer, but Palmer’s one is not. The smell of Cocoa Butter kind of annoys me, not that it smells bad but it smells a bit heavy when i first apply it but it kind of fades away after drying the skin.

The oil keeps the skin soft and smooth until the next showering, it is an amazing product if you dont like the feel of body lotions and creams. Also a good thing about such oils that they dont get washed easily, like having a fice times ablution a day can rinse off body moisturizers from the arms and feel but not this one, the skin from inside gets moisturized and it will feels really soft.

GlamBox.ME – MARCH Box

GlamBox ME (Middle East) is a privately owned UAE based company that provides samples of products (in a box) for subscribers to try and experiment new (and old) products in the market. The idea of having those samples is to try out what’s available in the market and get a chance to try out products without having to buy the actual size and end up not liking it or not suiting our skin types.

I have heard about such (sample products box) idea a long time ago but this service was only available in the west, luckily the idea is brought to the UAE And i was excited to subscribe, GlamBox ME offers 3 months, 6 months and annual membership. The box is sent in the middle of each month and you get a chance to try out a lot of goodies, you can have a look of previous month’s products through this link.

I just noticed that not all boxes contain the exact same products, I compared my box with my friend, she got 6 products and i got 7!! She got all the item except the eyecream and facial moisturizer, which she got capsules instead that i dont have in my box. I think this is the only bad thing about it, so image you got the box that you dont want a specific item and liked the other one! Not fair, right?!!

Anyways, have a look at my Glambox and what is inside of it, there is a card that shows all the name of the product, its description and the price of the actual size.

You can see the difference in item from my friend’s box

Trend Alert: Long Sheer Skirts

I absolutely love this trend, it feels so summery and flattering, and dont be afraid wearing one, if you dont want to show your legs you can always wear leggings below. This reminds me of a tress i got from The Ahlis, its a sheer fabric and i wear leggings below, it is so beautiful and it never ruins the beauty of the dress.

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