Coffee Gurl

Gaya gold coffee that i got from Pallets store, my opinion, i hate it

Good morning Abu Dhabi!

With my cup of coffee on my side table i am ready to start my day, i have a school meeting via zoom in less than an hour and it is my first time to attend such meeting and i am kind of nervous, i dont know if nervous is a proper word to describe how i feel, maybe anxious is the word!

School is getting busier and busier every day during drop off and pick up! I know this is normal because i have seen worse school traffic before. New and returning kids are still coming to school as i know some are still abroad or doing quarantine so dont think we are in full capacity yet!

Let’s talk about TV shows, i am currently forcing myself to finish the last released season of Lucifer, this show started so well but it is a disaster by now, i think it got a bit better in season 5, let’s finish this and move to another show. OSN just released a mini series called Scenes from a Marriage and i am excited to watch it.

Let’s go back to coffee, currently i am loving the Dolce Gusto Flat White in Oats milk, i am trying to cut regular milk, I am also using Soy milk when i make my Nespresso coffee. Last year i have discovered that i am allergic to a milk protein called Casein, that’s why i am trying to cut milk as much as possible, but this protein is also found in other dairy products 🥲

A Refreshing Morning

This drink is amazing! got it from Bulk store at Musaffah, also sold at Pallets which is very close to Bulk

I feel so refreshed today, i had a booking at Pause Salon for a hair treatment, it is an oil treatment applied to the scalp at first and then use a dermaroller, it stings a bit but very bearable, after that the oil is applied to all the hair added with a scalp massage. Let me warn you those oils are stinky, a mixture of garlic and onion, so imagine the smell 🙂 the salon offer a variety of oils and i think the Lavender is the only one that smells nice, but i want it as a treatment not just regular oil. I always get a 4 session package, they also offer a 6 session package for Organic treatments which is also very good.

I usually ask the hair technician to wrap my hair and i keep the oil for a couple of hours and wash it at home, but today i didnt feel like doing all of this, so the usual treatment is that you keep the oil for 20 minutes then wash at the salon. I felt like pampering myself a bit today, i did one ampoule of Kerastase anti hair fall treatment afterwards, i really need to buy a box because my hair is falling more than usual and its bothering me alot.

Winter Wardrobe

An old photo from two winter ago, i used to enjoy an espresso cup

Good morning!

Today is very humid, what happened to the beautiful weather? I knew it was too good to be true 🙂 Its too early to have a nice weather and we all know September is the queen of humidity.

Now is the time to update my summer wardrobe, suddenly the weather will change and i will know those light sweaters, i love wearing them in our winter, they are light but warm, very suitable for Abu Dhabi winter.

A big staple in my winter wardrobe is a good shawl, i like the bigger sizes and gives enough warms for chilling nights, i depend on those shawl ALOT! I mean i wear them everywhere i go, when i am home, when i go to my parents, BBQ nights, parks, and even malls if i need to.

Before going to the mall and buying stuff i dont need i will have to go through all of my winter clothes to know what i should keep and what i should let go, the problem with light sweaters they get worn off easily, i buy mine mostly from Zara and Mango. Is it a quality problem or because i wear and wash them constantly?

Last winter, having a hot chocolate at Pause Salon

Sleep vs. Waking up Early

Home baked butter croissant, got them frozen from Spinneys and they are heavenly

Weekends started to get precious again, especially when it comes to sleep. We had a very long summer and our sleep pattern wasn’t the best, but we did everything in a lazy manner. Not going to bed early means not waking up early, this was fantastic until a certain time where you feel your days mean nothing, you no longer wake up for breakfast out or meet a friend over morning coffee, my coffee time was past 11 am if not 12 pm!

Anyways back to my original thought, sleep. Yes, sleeping during the weekend is a blessing after school started, i wake up early to drop off my son then try to finish as much as possible during the week, everything i have to do from morning coffees with school moms, hospital appointments or salon appointments, i don’t like to stay at home during school days doing nothing when i know i have a lot of stuff to do. on Weekends i rarely have those kind of plans, and when i wake up i waken up when i want to, not when the alarms wants!

Now when i think of starting a new week, there comes my to-do list and more appointments and i will have to set the alarms and reminders.

We had a debate with the kids if this is a bunny or a hamster *_*

Three days later…

Coffee and Strawberry scrub from Nacomi

Good morning from Friday

I know i skipped two days without blogging and i had a good reason, Wednesday was a very long day for me, i had a morning appointment, then had to do some errands and pick up my kid from school. I felt soooo sleepy while driving! I didn’t experience this in a long time, i usually have enough sleep but Wednesday was different. When i went back home i had lunch and took a nap, later i had a relaxing massage, i really needed it. Afterwards it felt like i was in a dream, i was awake and sleepy at the same time, i knew i had to go early to bed. So my Wednesday was done!

Thursday was very different, i felt energetic, went with a mommy out for breakfast and shopping until school pick up time, then had shower and got ready and went to my sister’s house, i didn’t even have 5 minutes doing nothing. And that’s it, Thursday was done!

When i took a shower i tried a new coffee scrub with strawberry, from a brand called Nacomi, i never heard of it before until recently. The scrub was nice and felt my skin radiant but i had a difficult time removing the coffee stain out of my body, i had to wash and scrub my body several times afterwards just so the stains fade. I managed to get 90% out.

Chocomail chocolate at my sister’s, i took the box back home with me 🙂

Good Morning from my Car

Hi everyone! Today feels good, i love meeting a friend for coffee during the morning school drop off, and now since people are almost 100% back to work the roads feel different, yes very crowded in the peak hours but later it is like the usual pre-covid times, malls and cafes are quiet and empty.

I went to meet a friend after drop off and she brought coffee to the car, we stayed at the car sipping our hot coffee and talking about everything. I love this time of the day, early morning, the right sun temperate, still hot don’t get me wrong and a bit humid closer to the sea area.

I feel that blogging now is kind of a fidget to me, you know those stress relief fidgets, yup my blog is my fidget, a vast space just for my thoughts, nothing serious, nothing major, just normal boring side of my day. The kind of details that i don’t like sharing with anymore, maybe just my sisters!

From now on i will start the post with photo of the day, to have a peak on how my day went, and just in case i changed the blog’s theme, pictures always look better at the start.

Today’s “uncomfortable” Appointment

Hello again!

Another school/work day! How are you doing? Seriously, how are you doing? I know it is very hard to be back to work after almost 18 months. Regarding school my son is back full time since the last semester, so nothing new to us this year, well maybe that the school is working in full capacity now, meaning that there are no online students, unless there is a medical issue. 

Anyways, today i had my regular quarterly checkup, i despise this appointment, and i feel a major relief after i am done. I keep thinking what does make me uncomfortable in those appointments? There is nothing uncomfortable about it, maybe that i used to wait for a long time to see my doctor, that after doing a blood test and i have to wait for the results. And this is what takes a very long time, usually between an hour and an hour and a half, sometimes more if the hospital is crowded. Honestly i haven’t seen this “crowd” in a while, ever since Covid-19 started.

I have a simple trick now to avoid waiting, i do the blood test, and i wait for no more than 30 minutes and see my doctor. The results of course aren’t ready yet but since i am a regular patient and my blood test result is usually the same every time i don’t need to wait for it. He gives me my medication and i leave, if “god forbid” something alarming popped in my result the doctor will call me and tell me what’s going on, and any alteration in my mediation shall be made after, never happened though! 

But today was like i am back pre Covid! very very crowded, and i waited more than usual, that is for the blood test. I dont think i ever took this long just to wait to do the blood test, i believe it took me around 45 minutes to one hour. After that all was quick.

Quick photo of the day! 

I am so into cold coffee lately, obviously because of the summer heat, Blink coffee is one of my favorites, my sister introduced it to me, i always ask for low fat or skimmed milk. 

A new beginning..


I have been thinking about this for a while, but i didnt think that one day i will be doing it, honestly this new beginning is more for me than you “the reader”. I have been thinking alot of doing an actual blog and not “instagram” worthy kind of posts and pictures.

If i post and talk about makeup and beauty here, which i will of course, there will be no point of my instagram account, but the thing is i cannot write alot in instagram, people now dont like to read, they just want fancy pictures, maybe a short description, but i know myself, i need a page and a keyboard, and this space is all mine. I craved this blank page and the clicking of the keyboard, i want to post about the none-sense and silly stuff that happen everyday, yes this is supposed to be an everyday blog, i hope!

I dont know if am making sense here, but again this space is for me, not you! ok i am kidding, kind of!

Here is a fun picture of my baby girl Luna, my husband keeps calling her a “princess”. You know the tiktok videos of cat sitting in humanly way and someone says something like “hmmm what a distinguished cat”, this is exactly it!

The distinguished Lady Luna

Holo Lashes

I received those beautiful lashes from an instagram account @lololash a while ago but i was so sick i couldnt take photos or post anything about them and today i had the chance to take photos.

Let me first say that i love the holographic packaging, the package is so simple and the holographic color makes it stunning, i absolutely love it. Each lash design costs AED 45 only!!

You can get yours from @hololash


Crystal Lashes

Crystal Lashes

Opal Lashes

Opal Lashes

Mermaid Lashes

Mermaid Lashes

Unicorn Lashes

Unicorn Lashes

Esqido Mink Lashes

A couple of weeks ago i received two lashes from Esqido, they gave me a choice to choose any lashes that i want from the website and i chose those two in (Big City Nights) and (Lash Named Desire). I felt those types of lashes look better on my eye shape and i am really excited to start wearing them.

I also got a lash glue, i havent used it yet, the bottle looks very neat and i loved the application which makes it easy for glue application on the lashes, i started to hate those squeeze tubes because they make alot of mess and sometimes i tend to apply alot than needed.

You can get the Esqido mink lashes from their website.


Big City Nights

Big City Nights

Lash Named Desire

Lash Named Desire

Companion Eyelash Glue