Disney Adaptation

If you can tell from the photos its a modern adaptation of the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” and its actually adapted from a book by the same title “Beastly” as the story of the beauty and the beast happens in New York. This movie was supposed to be released in July 2010 but it was moved to March 2011 so it wont clash with Zac Efron’s movie “Charlie St. Cloud”, again it was suddenly moved to March 2011.

Snow White and the Huntsman
This is another “twisted” adaptation of  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but this story revolves around the Snow White and the Huntsman who was sent to kill her in the woods. Its not the typical Snow White story we know, this one is strong and practices the art of war. It would be good to see Chris Hemsworth again!! I loved his role in Thor.

Mila Kunis at Friends with Benefits

Who can deny how beautiful Mila Kunis is, she’s originally Ukrania, Jewish and she’s 28 (born in 1983). I remember i first saw her in Max Payne movie, then in Black Swan and recently in Friend with Benefits (with Justin Timberlake). I actually never noticed how beautiful she is until i watched Friends with Benefits, even though everyone talked about her beauty and won a Golden Globe award for her supporting role in Black Swan but i never liked her at the movie and probably because of her role she was given (she wasnt the good girl).



This is a video tutorial on how to do Mila Kunis make up in Friends with Benefits done by the lovely new mommy Nic from Pixiwoo.

The “No Makeup” Makeup

I’ve been watching True Blood for a while and i always look deep into Anna Paquin’s face trying to spot a make up mark on her but honestly i cannot see anything that clearly shows except her fake lashes which were pretty obvious, she barely wears make up in the show and i thought to myself, is she really wearing make up or there is but i cant see it? i thought why not search a bit about it and i was lucky to find a make up look that’s called the “No Makeup” Makeup. The secret of this look is to wear make up and enhance some features without actually showing it, it should look as natural as possible.

Anna Paquin in True Blood
Kristen Stewart
Gemma Arterton at the red carpet

I found this tutorial on how to do the “No Makeup” Makeup look by the makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, whom she worked with Cameron Diaz, Mischa Barton, Liz Hurely, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, Cate Blanchet, Demi Moore and Selma Hayek.

L’Oréal Paris Lash Architect 4D Mascara

L’Oréal Paris creates its first 4D effect mascara Lash Architect 4D to give a lengthened, volumized and curved lashes. I was amazed from the first use, i almost forgot how good thin wand can be since i have been using the thicker one in the past year. This mascara truly curves and lengthens lashes in just one coat but i like to pile up coats to give more dense look. I have to admit that the shape of the wand is a bit weird, i first though that mine was damaged or something, and the only thing that convinced me it wasnt because it was sealed, so i am pretty sure nobody opened it only if its damaged from factory. Another thing, the wand is kind of weird looking, it looks thing from the tip and gets a little bit bigger by the end, its also very long and kind of twisted and bent a little bit. When i watched its photos on the web i was convinced that mine was correct in shape and this is how it actually looks like.

CND Solar Oil

It the time of the year when the weather changes, the A/C feels a bit cooler inside and your hands feel a bit more dryer than before. You develop serious hard cuticles, even washing hands alot will cause this problem. CND Solar Oil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner is perfect for treating hard and dry cuticles,  it contains Jojoba Oil that carries Vitamin E to allows it to penetrates your skin easily and softens it.

How to apply: do not brush the oil on your nails, just put the brush that has the product and stroke once on a small spot between your nail and your skin, then massage the cuticle area and all over your nail and surrounding skin, then apply your favorite hand moisturizer. Better apply at night so it can stay on the skin longer time.

Available at Beauty Salons and nail specialty centers.

Nightingale’s Droppings

Japanese Traditional Beauty Secret ultra violet light treated Nightingale droppings / Uguisu No Fun are completely free of bacteria. They have been used for Kabuki actor & Geisha’s make-up cleansing for centuries in Japan and contain a natural enzyme (guanine, an amino acid w/ anmonic bleaching qualities) which has a natural lightening action.
NATURAL ENZYME POWER of NIGHTINGALE DROPPINGS helps to remove all traces of dirt and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Leaves skin soft, smooth and brighter.

Due to the bird protection law in Japan after 2001, it is prohibited to breed or raise wild birds (including the Nightingale) in Japan. Also importing the Nightingale bird from Overseas is prohibited due to the Washington Convention. Our manufacturer is now using the droppings from wild birds that are imported legally and are very similar family to the Nightingale bird. They are fed exactly the same seeds and our manufacturer is able to produce the same product as before. Please note that there will be no difference in benefit between the Nightingale and wild bird’s droppings.

DIRECTIONS: Here is a few tips for using our Nightingale droppings. Simply add warm water to a small amount of Nightingale powder (about 1/2 teaspoon) and apply to skin or mix in a lathered soap (mild face cleanser is recommended) and cleanse as usual. (avoid eye area) It can also be used as a great face masque; mix with 1 teaspoon of nightingale powder and a small amount of warm water and apply to skin, leave it on for 5~10 minutes then rinse out with water.

Ok now after reading what a Nightingale’s Droppings mean and how it works, its benefits and all, plus it was talked about at Oprah Winfrey Show, I had to try this magic “dropping” powder to believe it for myself.

I’ve ordered mine from Sophie’s Closet and i couldnt wait to get it, when i got the package, i got a cute little white container with pink floral prints and Japanese writing, even from the back side was all written in Japanese so i had no idea how it works so i had to google it to find out how i can apply it. I first chose the mask method and i prepared myself for my first “dropping” mask.




I read so much how bad it smells but i didnt care, i never cared before about bad smells and i thought i can handle this one, i prepared the mix in my palm and was ready to apply it on my face. Once i got the product closer to my face the “bad” smell hit me. This is the ugliest most awful smell i’ve ever smelled in my life, disgusting!! Then i knew this is a real “dropping” and they werent joking when they said so.

While trying my best to close my nose and breathe through my mouth i applied the mask and the process went on like hell, i was o relieved when i washed it from my face, honestly i couldnt stand the smell, and the reason i couldnt stand it because i knew that its real dropping and this thought kind of disgusted me. In the next couple of days i forced myself to do the facial wash but it became more gross, and i am not sure if this is the reason but i had small pimples on my forehead. From that day until now i have never opened the container again and i dont think i will ever will. This was such a disgusting experience.

MAC Me Over Haul

I will show you what i got from the MAC Me Over Collection, i did return a couple of pieces because they werent as nice as i expected them to be which is Moleskin eyeshadow and Avenue fluidline, instead i got the Evil Eye eyeshadow quad, it really looks way better in real, the dark colors are gorgeous, and i got the new eyeliner brush #211 (not included in the photos), it is shorter and thinner than the one i use (#209), it has a thin sharp point which makes it easier to draw a thin line. The brush is from the permanent line.


Dark Envy Fluidline
Midnight Blues Fluidline
Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad
Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad
Seaside Cream Color Base
Offshoot Cremesheen Lipstick
(Left) Outre Eyeshadow, (Right) Mythical Eyeshadow
(From left to right) Deep Sea, Fatigues, Quiet Time Nail Lacquer

5 Tips For a Better Skin

Everyone is aiming for the perfect flawless skin and i know it is hard to reach this point and if we had a really good skin one day its hard to keep it this way for a while mainly because of our diet, the weather and the pollutants surrounding us and of course make up. I don’t say that make up will damage our skin but we have to clean our skin really good after make up. Any remains will cause us bad skin, skin infection and acne. Don’t ever say that you’re too tired or lazy to remove your make up at night and sleep with it. During the night the skin reacts differently than the day so your skin needs to be cleaned very well to be able to breathe.

Now here are some tips that i swear by to keep a clean, good looking, glowing skin. Hope they will work its magic the same way they do to me. I don’t have the perfect skin but i’ve noticed a big difference when i follow my own tips 😉

Tip No.1:
Its no secret that water is essential for our beauty, and when they say its important to drink a 1.5 or 2 liters a day they were right, its very important. The difference i noticed while drinking less than 1.5 liter of water is that my skin becomes dryer, kind of pale and i have dry chapped lips. When i do drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day my skin acts healthier, my lips look healthier and i don’t need to apply the same amount of lip moisturizer as i used to when i drink less.

To make it easier to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day, there are plastic bottles by Lock & Lock  available from Carrefour, its very affordable and helps knowing exactly how much of water we drink everyday, these plastic bottles come in different sizes. Just fill the bottle everyday in the morning and keep it beside you all day, take sips every now and then until you finish the whole bottle by night. Or you can count drinking 3-4 500ml bottles.

Tip No.2:
Clean your skin when you wake up in the morning and apply your skin care products, i’ve noticed some people only wash their face with water, then apply whatever they want and sometimes they don’t. The reason you have to clean your skin first thing in the morning is to get rid of whatever you applied at night, and to clean your face from the excess oil you had during your sleep, you will be having a long day so keep it clean first thing in the morning so you will look fresh.

I prefer using an eye make up remover for my eyes and my lips, there are special ones that work for both, and wipes for my face. I used to use the wipes to remove my eye make up but i noticed it causes me dark circles under my eyes, when i stopped using the wipes for my eyes the dark circles were reduced.

Tip No.3:
Now this tip comes with No.2, you have to clean your skin right before you go to bed, you had a long day, your skin got exposed to a lot of pollutants and don’t think of sleeping with it. Clean your face very good and be sure to remove any make up if you did wear any.

Using a night skin product is important to restore your skin, some can target skin affected by pollution, stress and lack of sleep. A good product is Beauty Sleep Restoring Skincare Palette by YSL that has a nourishing lip balm on top and a thick rich restoring clean in the lower compartment. This cream is especially designed for the skin care affected by lack of sleep, to make it nourished and healthy looking on the next day.

Tip No.4:
This one comes along with No.3, after cleansing your face at night you better apply a facial toner, the reason its important to use a facial toner that you have opened your skin pores while cleansing your face, the toner will close them up and rebalance your facial oils, it wont be too oily nor too dry. I have noticed a big difference in my skin after i included a facial toner into my skin care routine.

Sebium H2O by Bioderma is alcohol free, alcohol based toner tend to dry out the skin a little bit. This one is suitable for combination or oily skin.

Tip No.5:
Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin and smooth out the skin surface. Use a gentle exfoliator so you can use it everyday or every other day, scrub your skin very gently. The daily exfoliators tend to be gentle on the skin whereas the weekly ones are a bit rough.