Dove Go Fresh

I’m well known with my obsession of toiletries and skin care products, i like to try alot and sometimes take a risk of having breakouts and rash! 
So I’ve been using this product for a while now (probably a year), and its very refreshing as much as its moisturizing. You can actually feel the “moisture” getting into your skin and settling there. And will keep you skin fresh and moisture until the next day. 
What i love about it is that you can feel a tingling sensation after showering and applying the body lotion, just the same feeling when you have mint in your mouth, but on your body! I hope you really know what i mean by this..its so refreshing and best used in a summery morning.
I use the cucumber with green tea body wash and lotion.
Dove go fresh body wash
Dove go fresh body lotion

Look of the Day: featuring Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

One of the things i look into when i purchase cosmetics is how often i am going to use it, of course i dont necessarily use everything i have often, there are some pieces that will look gorgeous wearing it one time during a wedding party that matches a dress, and it will stay inside the drawers until it rots. But i do like to indulge myself more in the most wearable stuff, and always tend to buy the same shades but in different brand, does this happen to you to?
I bought a glitter eyeliner from Urban Decay in one of shopping sprees lately at Sephora-Dubai Mall, i love glitter liners and i used to get mine from Mekyaji but i dont like this store anymore, and i havent seen any brand with glitter liners or maybe i havent looked properly. The glitter liner is not very thick, the glitters are not consistent in line and this is why i like it. So i tried to create a different look using the glitter liner than my usual look and only use for glitter liners which is lining my under eye only. Which it looks really good above a color kohl. But this time i wanted something new.
What i did is VERY simple, all i did is that i first applied an eyeliner, i used for this look Dark Diversion fluidline from MAC, its a dark burgundy to brown, and i absolutely love, its one of my favorite liners. The i drew a line using the glitter liner above the MAC line. The line is very fine and as i said the glitters arent consistent in line so it will look very subtle, very wearable. Then i applied another line on my lower lid, just below the eyelashes line. 
I also used a product ive been hearing about for a while and thought of trying it, its SMASHBOX Halo Hydrating Perfecting powder, and honsetly i didnt see anything wow about it YET! Sometimes a different base moisturizer or a foundation could make a difference but not so far. It works like any other loose powder, i didnt see anything special in it. 
To compliment my look i curled my lashes, used MAC Wonder Woman Opulash mascara in Bad Bad Black (black), for my cheeks i used CARGO blush in Rome, and for my lips i used Calvin Klein lipliner in toasted pink and YSL Rouge Pur Couture 05.

Tools of the trade
Halo powder by Smashbox
MAC fluidlline in Dark Diversion (limited edition)
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Spandex
CARGO blush in Rome
YSL lipstick

Hello! My Name is Yellow!

I’ve never dared to use such color until i watched this make up tutorial video, it looks gorgeous and very flattering in real. For my skin tone i didnt have to use a lighter shade like its shown in the video, the whole look was made by Chrome Yellow and a black eyeshadow (You can use any bright yellow eyeshadow). To enhance the color its better to use NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as an eyeshadow base.

MAC Chrome Yellow (matte) eyeshadow

I’ve complimented the look with MAC lipstick in Ever Hip (Limited Edition) and Benefit bella bamba blush.

MAC lipstick in Ever Hip
Benefit bella bamba blush

Seal Your Pigment

I’ve noticed that every year and when the summer season “the real season” comes, which i mean by June, July and August, i always like to use MAC pigments instead of regular eyeshadows. Its maybe the pearl reflections that i love, its not glittery nor too shimmery but the reflections are so gorgeous in the summer, they wont even look too much on a sunny Emirati morning.
MAC defines pigment as Pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Create a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect. Does not streak or cake. Easy to blend and long-lasting. Please note: Pigments are sold by weight not volume. Containers can appear to be less than full due to settling of the product.”
I like applying a light color all over my lid and a dark one on the outside corner and blend, blend, blend. The color will look like it’s gradually getting darker. Then i use little, just a little amount of black eyeshadow for an outer corner shading, just to give it some extra deep look.
To apply the pigment on the lid you can use MAC 239 or Sigma E55, and for blending you can use MAC 217 or Sigma E25.
MAC 239 Shading brush
Sigma E55 brush
MAC 217 blending brush
Sigma E25 blending brush
MAC Vanilla Pigment is my favorite for all over lid
MAC Naked is second best

The old pigment containers
MAC Melon Pigment (old container)

Make sure you apply an eyeshadow primer before you use a pigment, and to have an intensified color you can use a mixing medium by MAC (available at MAC PRO stores) or Illamasqua Sealing Gel (Available at Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall). Lightly dab your brush in the mixing medium then put the brush into the pigment.
MAC water based mixing medium (image courtesy of Temptalia)
Illamasqua Sealing Gel

You can also make your own mixing medium and here how to make one:
– 1/3 spoon pure Glycerin.
– 3/4 spoon water.
– Container.
Put the Glycerin and water in the container and mix very well. Then you will have a water based mixing medium that will last for 2 weeks (You can buy empty containers at Daiso Store, Sephora Stores).
Image courtesy of thebeautyofmakeup

Hand Food

Hand Food cream by Soap&Glory is my latest obsession. I am very picky when it comes to hand creams, i hate the greasy feeling on my hand and i also dont like the ones that get quickly absorbed by the skin. I want something in between, something that will smell good and makes my hands super soft without having the greasy feeling after applying it.
This Hand Food by Soap & Glory is the one for me, it smells really good, its contains shea butter which is a must in a hand cream, whenever i read shea butter in any product i say to myself “yes this will definitely be good”, but again shea butter is kind of heavy and greasy but not with this product. Another fun ingredient in this hand cream is marshmallow!! Maybe that’s why they called it Hand Food cuz you feel you wanna eat it! It also has macadamia oil.
I noticed when i first apply the cream it feels greasy on my hands, but after few minutes it gets absorbed but not completely, it leaves a little moisture in the hand. And this is where i like it, i can feel a certain amount of the product but not in a greasy way.
A tip when using any hand cream: this tip is for girls who wear abayas, probably you’ve noticed it too, when you apply a hand cream and you’re wearing your abaya the tips of your nails turn a bit black. So be careful while using any hand cream while going out, you dont wanna look like you have dirty nails.
The best time in applying a good moisturizing hand cream is before bed, its the longer period of time you will keep the product on, so when you wake up you will have a soft hand all day long.
Hand Food by Soap&Glory is available at Boots.

Shatter Your Nails with OPI

Lately I became so obsessed in “shattering” my nails with OPI. I’m a person who loves her nails, and i love nail polish since i was a little girl, my nails obsession is so obvious and my friends and family know this very well.
I am not a big fan of nail trends, i like to keep mine simply and classy..but when this “shatter” came, even though it looks helluva messy, i LOVED it..
I still dont understand its technique, and how exactly does it break this way, but its a genius technique. Its becoming a huge trend of the Minx that came out almost 2 years ago, although i’ve only seen it about a year ago or less in the UAE, please correct me if i’m wrong.
The  shatter colors come in turquoise, navy, silver, blue, red, white and black.

How it works?
First apply your desired color, wait until it completely dries out, then apply a thin layer of the shatter nailpolish, make it quick because it dries out quickly. You can watch videos on how to use it on OPI website.

Black shatter over Teenage Dream from Katy Perry Collection. Image courtesy of beatyunmade
Katy Perry Collection
Not only OPI has this “shatter” technique, but also China Glaze called Crackle Glaze and Barry M called Instant Nail Effect .
my advice is that it will work better on short nails.

A Good Night Sleep

Tips on how to get a good night sleep:
– Take a hot shower before bed, and lather in your favorite body cream/lotion, and skin care products. Make sure that you cleaned your skin very well and applied the right skin care products.
– Wear a very comfortable night gown, preferably cotton. Dont wear anything tight.
– Spray on a very light scented perfume.
L’Artisan Perfumeur Drole de Rose

– Drink Camomile tea, it is well known as a sleep aid, it helps the body relax.

– Moisturize your lips and hands. It will work magic during the night and you will wake up having really soft hand and lips.
Helping Hands cream by LUSH

– Read a book, something inspirational and soul calming.

Chicken Soup for the Soul book

– Make sure the room is dimmed and cool, if you are scared to switch off all of the lights have a side lamp and wear a sleep mask.

– Make sure the bedsheets are clean and nicely smelled. You can spray from your light scented perfume on your bed an hour earlier (before taking the shower).
 – Dont leave any electronics switched on, like TV and computer/laptop.
– Put your cellphone on silent, dont let anyone disrupt your sleep. If you worry about having an emergency phone call just put your msgs/ bbm alarm in silent mode.
– Drink plenty of water.
Now i may wish you a good night sleep 🙂

Garnier Eye Roll-On

Garnier Skin Renew Eye Roll-On claims to reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles in a week. One of the main ingredients (and the secret) of this product is Caffeine, just like it stimulates our body cells and awakens it, it does the same to the eye whether its in cream or gel. 
The caffeine stimulates the skin and tightens the area by reducing the fluid or moisture which causes the bags under the eyes. It also increases the blood flow that helps repairing the skin which reduces the dark circles.

The packaging*
Garnier Eye Roll*
The roller’s shape*
 Now, i’ve used this product for about 10 days, i still cannot see any difference in the dark circles, but it does reduce the puffiness in the morning and this is when i like using it. Plus the cool rolling motion relaxes my eyes and awakens them. 
This pretty much reminds me of a product i used last year by Clinique called all about eyes serum, its an anti-puff eyes massage except that this product didnt reduce any puffiness, i only liked using it because of the cooling sensation, and it really feels good. 
Those eye rollers are not to be used as eye moisturizers, the formula dries out quickly.
Garnier product is sold at main supermarkets.
*Images courtesy of Lipglosseater.

Eyeshadow Primer

What is an eyeshadow primer?
Is an eyeshadow base, to coat the eyelid prior to eyeshadow and help it stay for longer time, will appear more pigmented and vibrant and avoid creasing of the eyeshadow.

Do we have to use eyeshadow primer?
Not necessarily, most of us girls used eyeshadow before getting introduced to the primers, but believe me, once you try it you will never leave it. Eyeshadow will never be the same. If you care much about your look and how perfect your make up is, then its definitely necessary to have one.

How do i use an eyeshadow primer?
Apply a very tiny, small amount of the product either directly on your eyelid (using an applicator) or on the tip of your finger and blend it on your whole eyelid and your lower lid line. Its supposed to dry out in few seconds.

Now, i havent used alot of eyeshadow primers but i can say that the best two products i’ve used are Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Urban Decay Primer Potion

My personal preference is Too Faced Shadow Insurance because i like its texture more.
You can get both products from Sephora stores.

Pantene Clinicare Hair Time Renewal

I heard so much about this “new” product by Pantene called Clinicare-Hair Time Renewal that i wanted to try it so badly. 
This AWARD WINNING and BEST SELLING product at Japan since three years came recently into the Middle East. This product promises to renew your hair with more luster, softness and moisture. 


Here is a description of the product:
“Pantene Clinicare is an intensive care collection designed to solve your deep rooted hair damage issues.”
Pantene Clinicare collection repairs years of damage in just one month by:
– Repairing signs of deep rooted dryness of hair.
– Repairing the most severe signs of damaged hair even at the tips.
– Protecting against split ends.
– Leaving the hair strong inside out.
The collection consists of:
– Shampoo.
– Conditioner.
– One Wash Treatment (once or twice a week).
– Leave-on Treatment (spray on damp or dry hair).
I’ve tried the collection few times and i can say that it didnt suit my oily-type hair so it made it more oily, but i can tell that it makes my hair super soft and i’m sure it will work perfectly well on dry, damaged hair. 
I’m not sure if this product is sold in Abu Dhabi “yet” since i tried looking at the Co-op, Carrefour and Spinneys, maybe its only sold at some branches, or it could be just a matter of time until it comes to the city.

Update: the product is now sold everywhere, check the Co-op, Carrefour and Lulu Hypermarket.