Tarte Cosmetics Leave Her Blushing Set



Tarte Leave Her Blushing Set of 3 Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes and Brush, this is a Holiday limited edition set of 2013 that i have order online from tarte.com, the set costs $34.

I am a big fan of Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blushes, they are amazing, the colours i have purchased are a true beauty, they have really good pigmentation and they last long, not to mention how cute the packaging is where they match the package color with the actual blush.

This set comes in small size blushes and a true size blush brush, all three blushes are limited edition colors and my favorite is Honored.





Some Lash Love


My addiction to lashes started last year, i wasn’t very good in applying them at first, i struggled alot and it tool me alot of time (and mess!) to master it.
I know alot of girls are facing the same problem but let me give you some very helpful trick in applying false lashes:
– First of all you wont be able to wear lashes properly without practicing, buy some cheap lashes and practice at home (every day if you have to).
– second measure the lashes before applying, some are very long and need cutting from the outer sides (never cut the insides), if you apply them without properly matching your eyes you wony be able to fix them properly.
– Use a tweezer to help you apply the lashes, if you prefer your fingers then it is ok.
– Look down while putting on the lashes, put a mirror down, it is alot easier this way.
– Use a good adhesive, DUO is the best so far,can be found at MAC, Makeup Forver and Inglot stores. Put a small amount of adhesive and wait for amount 20-30 seconds before applying them, it will be less messier when the adhesive is goopy.
– Wait a bit after applying false lashes until the adhesive dries, apply a bit of mascara on your real lashes only, this will lift the lashes up and open the eyes.







Final tip: dont throw away your lashes once you use them, just clean them afterwards with makeup remover and pull out the adhesive, store them back in their original box or get one of those cute lash storages, can be found online or at Daiso stores.

NARS GUY BOURDIN blush in Day Dream


NARS GUY BOURDIN limited edition blush in Day Dream is the only one that caught my eyes from the collection. At first i expected the size to be as large as a previous collection blush by Pierre Hardy which is also similar to the sizes of NARS bronzers but when i got the blush it was in the original blush size, which is better in my opinion because it is easier to carry in my makeup bag.

I got the blush from beauty.com for$29.00 (used my Aramex Shop and Ship US address).





Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Accent




Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Accent (84) is a limited edition blush from the Nuit Infinie de Chanel collection, it is described as a warm pink beige with shimmer, the shimmer is very soft on application comparing to what it looks in the pan, it is very subtle and wearable. The color can be worn light to heavy, it is very buildable and suits alot of skintones.


Tarte Off The Cuff Amazonian Clay Cheek Palette & Bracelet



Tarte Off The Cuff Amazonian Clay Cheek Palette & Bracelet was part of the holiday collection 2013 , I didnt want to miss it because i really love Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes and i have posted about them before in a previous post, they are very pigmented and last a long time. I noticed a couple of permanent shades in the palette like Dollface which i already have in an actual size and package and also Dazzled. I just wish they put a highlight in there and the palette will be perfect since it already have a bronze shade. Some say the blushes in the palette come very close to an actual blush size which is really good for its price.

The Palette has a hand cuff, i dont see why they included it, it is big in size and very cheap, but it looks good wrapped around the palette, alot of people loved it and said it is very Kate Spade-ish but i tossed it away as soon as i opened the box because i know i wont ever use it. I got my palette from Amazon for more than its original price because at that time it was already sold out.










Marc Jacobs Beauty HAUL!


Sephora-Dubai Mall launched Marc Jacobs Beauty line on Saturday November 16,2013, luckily i was at The Dubai Mall that day and went to have a look at the new makeup line and test the colors, the place was a bit crazy, it was a Saturday night, the place was crowded and there were alot of cameras shooting the launch of Marc Jacobs Beauty line so i didnt have proper time to test everything, but i did my best to try some and choose what i want.


Those were the items that caught my eyes at first, i got one foundation, one lipstick, one lip lacquer, three blushes and an eyeshadow palette, i will include a quick review about each product because i didnt use them for a long time, i just got them 5 days ago and i still need some time to really build an honest opinion. But here is my first thoughts and review about them within those 5 days.



The eyeshadow palette Style Eye-Con in No.7 called The Lolita, this is the nude/neutral palette and i wanted to get it since i first saw it launched at Sephora website, the palette is very long and slim, the colors look really natural which they are in real, the color payoff is not bad but they are in the powdery side. I think the palette is very nude to me, all of the colors are very light and there are alot of frosty/highlighting colors except for the dark matte brown. I will definitely take another palette with much darker colors next time.




The blushes are so much fun, the packaging is really nice and the colors on display were amazing, i ended up buying three colors that i couldnt resist, they are not pigmented but they have good color payoff. They can come out a bit powdery (i like to add Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder on top to add sheen to them).





I wasnt intending to get a foundation at first but then i said Why Not!! I got the shade Deep Beige 38, i am not sure if i was in a hurry and didnt check all the colors properly but i didnt find any foundation with a yellow undertone, they were either pink or neutral, Deep Beige is a neutral shade. The coverage is light, buildable to medium, the texture is very light and blends easily and smoothly, it has a satin to matte finish, very suitable for oily skin which really surprised me, i wasnt expecting this at all. The description i read about it at Sephora website is really different from what i experience in real. It worked great on my oily skin and it also worked on my sister’s dry skin, but i still think it is more suitable for combination/oily skins.



I am still not sure what to think of the lip products, i got one lipstick in Role Play which was very creamy and moisturizing, i loved it but it took me a while to choose a color (the one i chose was an excellent choice) plus i was so hesitant about it until i was at the cashier and ended up buying. There are two types of lip lacquers at Marc Jacobs, one is sheer and the other is Full which is the one i got in shade Fame, it is very dark and pigmented but i havent used it yet.

Luckily i am still keeping the invoice of my purchases, prices are in AED:
Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl – AED 140/-
Syle Eye-Con No.7 – AED 265/-
Lovemarc Lip Gel (lipstick) – AED 150/-
Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation – AED 215/-
Shameless Bold Blush – AED 165/-

Hourglass Cosmetics HAUL!!


I was so excited to order some Hourglass products, this brand was founded in 2004 by Carisa Jones by introducing the brand with “cutting-edge” ingredients and formulas to protect and enhance the skin. Now Hourglass brand is a bit expensive comparing to others, it can be compared in prices to Chanel and those high-end brands, and that is why i was so hesitant to buy from the brand on the first place, but hearing and reading so many great reviews about it i thought maybe it is really worth the price.


Hourglass got alot of hype by its Ambient Lighting Powders, at first i got a single one which is called Luminous Light, and then a limited edition palette of 3 colors came out and i also got it, it has 2 permanent shades which are Dim Light (Left) and Radiant Light (Right), in the middle is a limited edition shade which is called Incandescent Light.



I was so intrigued to try the Femme Nude Lip Stylo since i am so into nude lipsticks. This range come in really nude shades and the darkest colors are Nude 5 and Nude 6, i got Nude 5 which is different from the others that it is frost.


The last product i got is the VEIL Mineral Oil Free Primer, the primer comes in a small bottle with the Ambient Lighting Powder Palette but i read good reviews about it so i got one in full size.



I am so in love with Hourglass choice of packaging, they look and feel really expensive, the products are great and i am enjoying them so far. The packaging color is very similar to Tom Ford with the dark steel brown and gold lines and writings.

I ordered Hourglass products from Sephora.com by shipping it to my US address, unfortunately Sephora.com started to reject my US address provided by Aramex but then i used MyUS and it worked.

MAC Lipsticks from Divine Night Holiday Collection


Those two lipsticks are part of the Divine Night collection by MAC which is the holiday collection that is launched every year in the holiday season. Usually holiday collections are big, full of varieties and good looking packaging and bags, but not this year, i wasnt impressed at all, the packaging was less than ordinary and the choice of colors is very repetetive, i didnt find anything unique or worth buying this time except those lipsticks. They are not a “dont-miss-them” lipsticks, i really wanted the skip the whole collection but i said two lipsticks wont do harm, i can always mix them with other colors and make them look better.


The dirty nude lipstick is called Exclusive Event, it looks very “non-wearable” kind of nude but it will look good with a bright gloss on top, the other berry shade is called Private Party which isnt bad by itself but nothing unique about it, i still have to use them to really love them, hopefully!

I ordered those two lipsticks from MAC official website, the collection will be launched soon in the Middle East, maybe by the end of December.

MAC TWIG Lipstick


MAC TWIG lipstick is one of the popular lipsticks at MAC especially in the Winter season, it is described as a “soft muted brownish pink” with a satin finish. It has a an excellent color pay-off, satin lipsticks at MAC are a bit tricky, i noticed they dont all come in the same exact finish/texture, some look more dryer/matte than others who feel more creamy/amplified.

Here is a swatch of the lipstick under an LED lighting. TWIG is a permanent lipstick shade and can be found at all MAC stores.


The “No-Makeup” Makeup


I got inspired by a video tutorial to create this “no-makeup” makeup look with the products that i already have, without buying anything new. The main key of this look is to have a foundation that looks like a real skin, without looking cakey or settling in lines, and MAC Face and Body foundation is the perfect foundation, it is lightweight, water and swear proof, by having just one layer will give an absolute natural look as if nothing is applied but it smooths the skin and gives it radiance. MAC Face and Body foundation is a PRO product but can be found at regular MAC stores in smaller bottles.

Now those are my products that i use to create the “no-makeup” makeup look in this order:

– Apply a good primer and my favorite for oily/combination skin is Smashbox PhotoFinish Light.- Apply one coat of MAC Face and Body foundation and blend well.|
– Contour by using a cream bronzer by Chanel, i prefer using a MAC 130 brush.
– Apply cream blush using a MAC 130 brush, in the picture is a cream blush wheel by Ben Nye, beautiful and bright colors and they are not greasy.
– I use MAC Strobe liquid lotion to highlight my cheekbones, it give a natural healthy looking glow to the skin.
– Pwder T-zone only with a translucent powder (Makeup Forever HD Powder), and lightely dust whatever is left on the brush on all over face.
– Apply lightweight concealer and the one i use is MAC Moisturecover, powder the area with Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder, it is perfect to set the undereye concealer.
– Do the eyebrows using a brow pencil from Tom Ford, and apply brow gel from Illamasqua.
– I curl my eyelashes only without adding any mascara, kohl or eyeshadow.
– I apply a lightly tinted lipbalm or lightly dabbing a bright non shimmery color lipstick in the center of my lips (Max Factor Bewitched Coral 827) then apply a sheer nude moisturizing lipstick on top (Too Faced In The Buff).