Olay BB Cream


Just saw this ad in a magazine, Olay recently launched a BB Cream and as described “with a touch of MAX FACTOR Foundation”.

My skin doesnt go well with OLAY products so i am skipping this one. Throughout the years i tried many products and everytime i use one it breaks out my skin, even when i heard about their “award winning” Regenerist anti aging line i went and bought it but i never learned from my lesson and it broke out my skin really bad.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation


Lately ive been purchasing alot from drugstores, i used to be against it but now drugstore products started to compete the expensive lines.

Ive been really enjoying this foundation from Revlon, it took me a while to pick my shade because as you know not all testers are available for the drugstore brands. I dont know if this happens globally but it is very frustrating in here, most drugstore brands dont have testers for all their products, so this foundation was one of them, until one day more testers were brought and i had the chance to try them.

ColorStay foundation comes in two kinds one for oily/combination skin and one for normal/dry skin, since my skin is oily i picked the oily/combination foundation.

So far ive been loving it, it didnt break out my skin, it didnt change color, it stays all day even with ablution which amazed me because mostly such “unmoving” foundations tend to be a bit drying but not this one, my skin stays healthy and radiant all day.

Regarding coverage it is light to medium which i prefer for a daily use, and the thing i love about it that it doesn’t settle in the corner of the mouth which happens with most foundations.

My Pick: MAC All About Orange Collection


Recently, MAC launched a collection called All About Orange, most of the collection are of orange-y shades, i didnt pick much, i only got one lipstick called Tart n Trendy and it has a Lustre finish and one blush called Royal Sunset.

I have ordered them from Nordstrom, as you know MAC launches the collections pretty late in the Middle East comparing to US and Europe, i believe around 2 months later or so.


Euthymol, the best toothpaste?


I have read and heard about this toothpaste so much that i had to try it myself, alot of people are raving about it, how good and healthy it is. To be honest i still don’t understand what the hype is all about because i just started using it.

Now this toothpaste is well known for its strong antiseptic smell and taste, it is very “hot” that i can barely leave the paste in my mouth, i feel the instant urge of rinsing my mouth, this only happened to me on the first use but then i got used to it. As a matter of fact i loved this stinging feeling, i am well known if loving strong minty hot toothpastes and this thing does it all. Since it is very strong in taste and smell i stopped using my regular mouthwash, as i said this thing does it all!!

Another thing, Euthymol is Fluoride free, i still dont understand why is it better, i always thought that having Fluoride in a toothpaste is good, but i have read that some people with gum problems are somehow allergic to Fluoride, I am still new to this toothpaste and i will dig and read more about it.

The tube is smaller than a regular toothpaste tube, the ones we mostly use are 120ml but this one is only 75ml. In addition, the toothpaste is in pink color, how cool is this!! I believe the pink tone will make teeth brighter in time, or so i hope!!

Now let me tell you that Euthymol is not available in the UAE or anywhere close, most people buy it from the UK and i have ordered it from Amazon UK website, it even costs less that the US Amazon.